This page is all about research in 5G communication projects through which you can understand and recall the essential aspects of its research methodology. Let us first start with the definition of it. 5G communication is one of the fastest-growing mobile communication technologies in today’s wireless communication world. It is of immense importance in many applications specific to large industries and small-scale applications. Through 5G communication projects, researchers can contribute hugely to uplift the research community. The technology requires the following unique characteristics to be established for its use.

  • New 5G Network Radio (NR) Architecture
  • Novel approaches for testing and designing
  • Network architecture
  • New architecture for physical layer functioning

What is 5G Communication? What You Need To Know Before you start to implement 5G Communication Projects?

5G, which stands for 5th generation wireless communication technology, is the advanced technology that ensures

  • Enhanced speed in communication
  • Increased response of the network
  • The speed exceeds from the wired networks
  • The latency has registered by the users is as low as 1ms

It has thus generated a massive wave of curiosity among the users of mobile phones. 5G technologies have enormous potential to be used in real-time feedback applications involving real-time monitoring in many areas of the intelligent city, emerging healthcare (COVID-19), smart parking, and smart home applications.

We have been guiding research scholars and students from all over the world. As a matter of fact, 5G communication projects are the service through which our research experts lend hands to support novel project ideas in the field. We have produced many successful projects in 5G technology for which you can get access once you get in touch with us. Now let us talk about the architecture of the 5G network

5G Network Architecture

The two major structures of 5G network architecture includes the following

  • 5G radio access network for 5G RAN
  • 5G core

The advance to wireless radio technology called 5G requires equally advanced architectural establishments for it to work more efficiently.

The two modes on which the 5G technology work are

  • Standalone mode without the use of 4G
  • Non standalone mode which works with the use of 4G

Now let us look into detail about the two major 5G network architectural structures as mentioned above

  • 5G radio access network or 5G RAN
    • The intended functions of 5G RAN include the following
      • Retransmission
      • Modulation
      • Encoding
      • Coordinating and mitigating interference
      • Controlling power
      • Link adaptation
      • Scheduling the network traffic
    • It also enables integration with other technologies like cloud computing
    • It is the basis on which mobiles are connected with 5G core
  • 5G core
    • The important functions of 5G core include the following
      • The function for managing session
      • It is used in the management of mobility and access control
      • Function for user plane is also available
    • The functioning of the entire network is controlled using 5G core which also includes the radio access network part of it
    • The key elements of 5G core are NFV and SDN

The design of 5G technology is based on structures especially based on the objective of supporting the following features.

  • Multiple number of users
  • Large traffic
  • Established services that are up-to-date

The developers and researchers have been aiming at using 5G technology in existing applications to enhance their efficiency. With that cause, the major motive of deploying 5G is based on the following types.

  • Metro cell
  • Microcell
  • Pico cell
  • Femto cell

Our technical team has delivered a large number of projects so far in 5G communication. So we are very familiar with the practical difficulties that arise in 5G deployment. So you can connect with this to understand the problems and solutions in 5G communication projects. Before getting into it in detail, let us try and understand the working of 5G technology.


5G communication projects assistance


The radiofrequency part of the electromagnetic spectrum is used in 5G communication, minimally chaotic higher-order radio frequencies, or used for its operation. As a result, large amounts of data can be carried through the network in a very short time.

5G communication technology is taken up for implementation by users mainly due to its following flexible characteristics.

  • 5G technology has the capacity to operate under a wide range of channel band builds with carrier frequencies ranging from below 6 GHz to mm wave bands.
  • The choice of options that it provides for deployment include different factors like beamforming structures, distance between two sites and the total number of antennas
  • The architectures that can be supported by 5G technology include
    • Centralized and non-centralized structures
    • E – UTRA co sited
    • Radio access network that is shared
  • The use cases of 5G technology as follows
    • Massive machine type communications
    • Enhanced vehicle to anything communications
    • Enhanced mobile broadband
    • Ultra-reliable and low-latency communication

You can approach our technical experts at any time regarding your doubts on the areas in which 5G technology can be implemented successfully. We also provide implementation and execution advisers to our customers regarding the real-time use of the technology for many day-to-day applications. From the experience that we gained so far guiding 5G communication projects, we have come up with the following list of research 5G communication topics in the field, which also has the potential to be expanded for future research. Now let us look into some of the significant research topics in 5G communication. We have some of the currently trending 5g communication titles as follows


  • Channel models supporting frequencies greater than 6 GHz
  • New technique in waveforms
  • Receivers with advanced features
  • Hybrid approach towards beamforming
  • Design of RF architecture (including mm-wave)
  • New and precise coding for channels
  • Massive MIMO
  • Very fast prototyping
  • Novel methods for network slicing

We have ensured a significant research experience to the final year students and PhD research scholars who approach us for project guidance. We are thus capable of providing a great source of reliable research data as recorded by our customers. So these data are more authentic than anything else. Connect with us to have more ideas on the 5G communication projects that we rendered guidance. All technologies are bound with certain limitations, which act as challenges to the researchers. Our technical experts come up with the list of challenges that are commonly faced by 5G communication network researchers below.


  • Evolution in WLAN and LTE
  • Design of receivers with advanced features (turbo and LDPC)
  • Mm wave and massive MIMO (RF architectures, antenna arrays and beamforming)
  • V2X based on LTE, DSRC and 802.11p
  • Prototyping and verification of real hardware (FPGA fast prototyping methods with hardware test bed)
  • Issues in channel model (overcome by 3GPP and WINNER II Model)
  • New techniques in waveforms (UFMC, FBMC, OFDM performance)

Our technical team has got the efficiency and experience of solving any kind of research problems in 5G technology. So you can talk to us about any research problem that you face in your project design. Now let us look into some of the newer technologies that 5G simulation can better support.


5G technologies not only influence the existing system of applications but also cover a wide range of advanced and novel technological advancements, which include the following

  • Cyclic prefix OFDM (orthogonal Frequency division multiplexing)
  • Pulse shaped OFDM and Filtered OFDM
  • Offset quadrature amplitude modulation and Filter Bank multi-carrier (OQAM/FBMC)
  • OFDM enhancements (harmonized)
  • Universal filtered OFDM (based on multi-service yaar interface which is user centric)
  • Quadrature amplitude modulation (OAM/FBMC)

Our technical experts are up to date about the design of the above upcoming technologies. Our experts and engineers belong to the generation of developers who entered the 5G technology research long before many others. So we can help you to solve many potential research problems in 5G. Now let us look into the future research ideas in 5G networks


The 5G technology is of great use in the following future research ideas.

  • Licensed and unlicensed small cell dual band access
  • Optimal selection of beam
  • Precoding (spatially sparse)
  • Predicting intra and inter cells interference
  • Selection of antenna
  • Codebook usage

Our developers are well known for the establishment of any kind of social, individual, and industrial applications of 5G communication projects. In today’s world, we come across many prospective areas of application where 5G can be deployed readily. In such a scenario, we need to understand next-generation advanced networks further using 5g wireless technology as mentioned below.


5G technology has the potential to develop the applications of the following technological features in a more sophisticated way

  • Cloud technologies
  • HetNet and split plane
  • Millimeter-wave mobile broadband
  • Small cells that are densely deployed
  • SDMA communication
  • Beamforming
  • Massive MIMO
  • IoT, M2M and D2D communication
  • Managing connected vehicles in internet of vehicles (IoCV, and IoV) applications

Though sources of research articles and advanced ideas in the above aspects are still limited, we are here to give you all the reliable resources needed for your project handy. There are various different processes in 5G that you can choose to do research. One such important aspect is hybrid beamforming about which we are going to see in the next section.



Hybrid beamforming or HBR is the method in which digital and analog techniques for beamforming are combined in order to reduce the consumption of power and complexity in a system. The following are the important points about hybrid beamforming,

  • In this method the user equipment applies for transmission of data and is connected to the base station.
  • With interference arise d user data rendered for transmission is lost
  • At times large latency is also induce as a result of increased interference
  • Implementation of beamforming happens in both RF and digital domain
  • You should keep in mind the following characteristics of the network during hybrid beamforming
    • Performance trade off
    • Dissipation of power
    • Complexity in implementing
  • The analogue architectures that are possible using hybrid beamforming Have to bear the relation between sub arrays and RF chains configured to every antenna
  • The analogue implementation have to take into account the relation between switching network and phase shifters

Here you should know that some challenges are existing in hybrid beamforming techniques. Our engineers gathered knowledge to solve such issues and have registered success in creating better solutions to those problems. Now let us see some of the hybrid beamforming research issues below.


As hybrid beamforming is involved in using pattern creation methods with digital and analogue techniques it comes with following challenges.

  • Feedback and Beam training
  • RF chain numbers that is optimum
  • Increased overhead in acquisition of CSI
  • Reduction in complexity of architecture (switched)
  • Analogue and digital pre coders
  • Dynamic, static and self-blockages
  • mmwave and cmwave carrier frequency
  • Prediction of channel state information

We have come across all the above research issues and have developed promising solutions to them. So you can reach out to our expert team regarding novel or readymade solutions for which we are ready to customize them according to your needs. Now let us look into new hybrid beamforming methods.


The following are the novel methods in hybrid beamforming technology.

  • mmwave SVD
  • Precoding in a nonlinear manner
  • Hybrid precoding (tree search)
  • Butler matrix (energy aware)
  • MMSE with PSO
  • Hybrid precoding which is unitary (asymptotically)
  • Precoding at the symbol level which is added with data
  • MMSE – EDS
  • Ground and space precoding
  • Zero force precoding (directional)
  • Precording based on SVD, GMD and UCD
  • DFT code book (for precoding)

You can get research support for project design, thesis writing, paper publication, etc., on all the above topics. Some of the most important works of 5G technology have been designed by our technical experts. The applauses that our customers got for their 5g PhD projects were based on certain parameters which we are about to see in the next section.


The beamforming methods and techniques have to be evaluated based on the following parameters

  • Rate of bit error
  • Capacity of the channel
  • Rate that is achievable
  • Efficiency in energy of the spectrum
  • Number of users that are served
  • Probability of blockage
  • Latency
  • End to end SINR

Evaluations of the methods designed by our experts have shown extraordinary results on the basis of the above characteristics. You can reach out to us and check the ways in which we guaranteed maximum efficiency. Now let us see some of the research issues that are projected to be faced by future researchers in 5G technology. Check out the following research issues in 5G. If you are facing one or many of them, then try talking to our experts. We are here to solve your doubts instantly and get you to know and implement the proven techniques for major research issues in 5G.


Below we have mentioned some research issues in 5G Communication projects, we can help you to formulate a novel research topics based on following issues

  • Isolation
    • Critical and non-critical data which are sensitive had to be independently managed
    • The requirement of isolation is both physical and virtual separation
  • Interoperability and security issues
    • Critical use-case interoperability requires operation in isolation
    • The factory networks that are isolated have to be regularly updated so that it can support roaming and wide area network interoperability
  • Multiple tenant support
    • In the ecosystem of smart factory applications large number of tenants have to be supported
  • Compatibility issues
    • As the technology is get advanced the need for integration of them with the existing 5G infrastructures have to be ensured
  • Wide range of use cases
    • The uninterrupted services are ensured under service areas of various sizes in outdoor, indoor and wide area applications
    • There are different requirements for various use cases
  • Lifetime of the machine
    • As the lifetime of the machines employed in industries is about ten to twenty years, some of the network characteristics have to be kept in mind
      • Availability
      • Longetivity
      • Scalability
      • Flexibility
    • Dual subscription (along with roaming)
      • Roaming has to be ensured for vehicles devices and mobile robots
      • Dual subscription in home and factory scenarios have to be supported by various networks

For doing the best 5G communication projects, you need to have access to the recent trends in the field along with the issues and solutions in it. You can find all these in one single place, that is with our 5G communication projects services. Get in touch with us and grab the opportunity of being guided by top research experts of the world.


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