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      Over all Explanation of the Age Prediction Using Machine Learning objectives, its methodology and proposed results will be discussed.

 The two most common sources are facial pictures and biomedical data like blood test results. Here we have a step-by-step process for developing an age prediction project for both methodologies:

  1. Age Prediction using Facial Images:

Objective Definition

     We construct a ML model to detect the age of a single person depends on their facial image.

Data Collection

  • Public Datasets: Datasets such as IMDB-WIKI, UTKFace and FG-NET are suitable for making our age detection through facial images.

Data Pre-processing

  • Face Forecasting: We utilize methods and libraries such as OpenCV’s Haar Cascades and DLIB to predict and crop the face from each picture.
  • Image Resizing: Standardizing the size of entire pictures helps us in cropping.
  • Normalization: To fall within a standard range usually [0,1], we normalize pixel values.

Model Selection

  • Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN): For image-based services we majorly utilize these CNNs.
  • Transfer Learning: Utilization of pre-defined frameworks like VGG16 and ResNet are assisting us in adjusting them on the age dataset.

Framework Evaluation

  • Mean Absolute Error (MAE): We consider that the reverse nature of age detection, MAE is an adaptable metric.


     Transforming the structure into an application where users upload a picture and retain an age prediction using our model.

  1. Age Detection using Biomedical Data:

Objective Definition

     To detect the age of an individual we create ML framework that works based on their clinical data.

Data Collection

  • We collect data such as blood test samples, physiological metrics that include age-related information.

Data Pre-processing

  • Data Cleaning: To manage the lost values, outliers and errors we do this process.
  • Normalization and standardization: Making sure that our entire data is on a relevant measure.

Framework Selection

  • Regression Models: Forecasting the age is commonly a reverse task, for this we employ frameworks such as Linear Regression, Decision Trees, Random Forest and Gradient Boosting.
  • Neural Networks: Multi-layer perceptron’sOur t (MLPs) can help us in complicated datasets.

Model Evaluation

  • Mean Absolute Error (MAE) and Mean Squared Error (MSE): These are mostly used metrics for the regression tasks in our project.


         We combine the model into a clinical data entry system where age detections can support us in several diagnostic and research tasks.

Common Steps for Both Approaches:

Training & Validation

  • Dividing the dataset into training, validation and test sets.
  • We instruct the models on the training data and evaluate their efficiency using the validation sets.

Optimization & Hyperparameter Tuning

  • To identify the best hyperparameters for the selected framework we implement methods such as grid search and random search.
  • By analyzing approaches such as dropout and regularization we avoid overfitting.

Feedback & Continuous Learning

  • For finding the mis-predictions we collect reviews from the users in facial approach.
  • We update and retrain the framework with raw data regularly.

Conclusion & Future Work

  • File our identifications, limitations, developments and possible future improvements of our research project.

         We find that age prediction models can offer valuable understanding and exciting applications. It is also important to set perfect expectations, when the detection rate is not achieving 100%, we use these approaches wisely in critical applications. So, we are well versed in trending techniques to achieve the desired result. No matter where you are struck up with, we will guide to until you are well knowledgeable of the machine learning project that we have created.

Age Prediction Using Machine Learning Thesis Topics

Some of the interesting thesis topics that we have worked are listed below, have a look at it and get

inspired. Contact us if you are in need of world’s best thesis experts’ solution. Customized thesis service along with a clear description is also possible.

  1. Comparison of Machine Learning Models for Brain Age Prediction Using Six Imaging Modalities on Middle-Aged and Older Adults


Brain age prediction, machine learning, multi-modality MRI, UK Biobank

            A various ML methods like Lasso, relevance vector regression, SVR, XGBoost, category boost, and MLP are examined in our article to forecast middle and older aged person’s brain age. We illustrate that, brain age forecasting related to multi-modality improves the efficiency of model when compared with unimodality. Result shows the significance of image modality selection and considered Lasso as an efficient ML approach.

  1. Machine Learning Approximations to Predict Epigenetic Age Acceleration in Stroke Patients


Aging, epigenetic clock, vascular risk factors, stroke

            A major goal of our paper is to discover an innovative approach to forecast the Age-A and to evaluate the offerings of quantitative attributes to Age-A in cerebrovascular disease patients by utilizing several ML techniques. By utilizing Hannum’s epigenetic clock, we evaluated Age-A. We trained various methods like traditional LR, EN, KNN, RF, SVM and MLP for AGE-A prediction. At last, EN and MLP provides greater end results.

  1. Active aging prediction from muscle electrical activity using HD-sEMG signals and machine learning


Classification, HD-sEMG

            To forecast the active aging via motor functional age (MFA) evaluation, the ML based framework is suggested in our approach by utilizing HD-sEMG signals and retrieved features. We examined and integrated various time and frequency characteristics with ML methods. For active subjects, MFA must be similar or equal to Chronological Age (CA). We trained the methods using various datasets to examine the results.

  1. Machine Learning and Mathematical Models for Prediction of Structural Aging Process


Mathematical modeling, literature review, artificial intelligence, mathematics, deep learning, big data, XAI, mechanical engineering, structural failure, materials, structural health monitoring, service life, prediction, PRISMA

            Our article describes the efficiency and evaluation of aging process categorization and mathematical modeling. We illustrated the significance and adaption of several ML techniques such as DL, DT, CNN, SVM, regression analysis, and ANN which assist to enhance the modeling of aging process performance. We carried out the comparative analysis of various ML techniques. A prediction analysis framework by ML methods ease the difficult mathematical equations illustrates the physical aspect of structural aging.

  1. Abalone Age Prediction Using Machine Learning


Neural networks, Abalone, Back propagation neural networks

            To predict the Abalone age, we employed several ML methodologies in our research. ML approaches such as backpropagation feed-forward neural network (BPFFNN), K-Nearest Neighbors (KNN), Naive Bayes, Decision Tree, Random Forest, Gauss Naive Bayes, and Support Vector Machine (SVM) are compared for the forecasting of abalone age. We examined various optimizers with BPFFNN to estimate their impact on its performance.

  1. Review on secure traditional and machine learning algorithms for age prediction using IRIS image  


Age, Pupil size, Pupil diameter, Feature extraction, CNN, Geometric features

            For the forecasting of human age through the utilization of iris, our study provides a brief description of various methodologies and techniques employed by the investigator. We reviewed several research papers by considering various procedures such as image segmentation, feature extraction and categorization of the iris. An effective prediction is carried out in our study by utilizing iris based current techniques.

  1. Machine learning based approaches for age and gender prediction from tweets


Twitter dataset, Author profiling, NLP, Age prediction, Gender prediction, TF-IDF

            For author profiling, we employed natural language processing (NLP) and ML techniques in our article. We combined the NLP methodologies such as Tokenization, lemmatization, word and char n-grams with ML techniques including logistic regression (LR), random forest (RF), Decision tree (DT) and support vector machine (SVM). As a result, SVM technique offers better efficiency than other techniques in age and gender prediction.

  1. Comparative Study of Abalone Age Prediction Using Classical Machine Learning Algorithms and Extreme Learning Machine


Multi-layer perceptron, K nearest neighbors, Random forests, Extreme learning machine

            A multi class categorization issue named Abalone age prediction is carried out in our research by utilizing Abalone dataset. Here we utilized one of the randomization methods named Extreme Learning Machine (ELM) which utilizes the concept of least square estimation. As a consequence, we compared the efficiency of ELM and various traditional ML techniques such as MLP, KNN and random forests.

  1. Explanations of Machine Learning Models in Repeated Nested Cross-Validation: An Application in Age Prediction Using Brain Complexity Features    


Brain complexity, explainable AI, fractal dimension, SHAP

            To evaluate the real generalization capabilities of the explanation, we suggested an approach that acquires the SHAP values inside the repeated nested cross-validation process. We forecast the person’s age by employing this approach utilizing brain complexity characteristics through MRI pictures. A SHAP values states that the newly executed FD has the greatest effect on others and considered as top level features for age prediction.       

  1. Age Prediction of Death in India’ CoVID-19 Pandemic using Machine Learning Methods


CoVID-19 death’s age prediction, Feature selection, AdaBoost

            A major objective of our study is to forecast the age of mortality in India’s Covid-19 environment. We employed several ML approaches such as AdaBoost and Random Forest. To enhance the training speed, we carried out the feature selection procedure by utilizing random selection, PCA, SVD, and correlation. As a consequence, AdaBoost provides greater efficiency in age forecasting process.


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