Airbnb Price Prediction Using Machine Learning and Sentiment Analysis

Developing a strong research work by adding high value to your paper is necessary so that scholars can secure a good rank. Here in we give scholars end to end support for your research career. An elaborate explanation of the ideas and the work process will be given. Our professional experts offer customized thesis writing service as per your needs. We implement an interdisciplinary technique that integrates machine learning with sentiment analysis for forecasting Airbnb listing prices. Through the utilization of this technique help us to obtain efficient and precise pricing framework.

We describe the procedural steps to attain this project:

  1. Objective Description:

            By considering property factors, location information and sentiments acquired from feedbacks, our project create ML based framework to forecast Airbnb listing prices.

  1. Data Gathering:
  • Airbnb Data: Here, we make use of environments such as Inside Airbnb to obtain information of listings including location, count of rooms, and resources and feedbacks.
  1. Sentiment analysis on Reviews:

We follow the below discussed steps before combining sentiment scores into the pricing framework:

  • Text Preprocessing: In preprocessing step, we carry out tokenize process, eliminate stop words, manage missing values and lemmatize or stem the feedback text.
  • Vectorization: Texts are transformed into numerical patterns by us utilizing methods such as IF-IDF and word embedding (for instance: Word2Vec).
  • Training of Model: By considering the feedback text, we forecast the sentiments as positive, negative and neutral by employing techniques including Logistic Regression, neural networks or Naïve Bayes.
  • Sentiment Scoring: We calculate an average sentiment score or the measure of positive or negative feedbacks for every listing.
  1. Preprocessing of data for Price Forecasting:
  • Feature Engineering: In this step, we include sentiment scores from the old step and some other features also involved related to famous landmarks or transport centre.
  • Managing Missing values: Our work carry out imputation or elimination process to manage missing values.
  • Encoding: Through the utilization of one-hot encoding or label encoding, we change the categorical attributes like neighborhood or kind of property into numerical pattern.
  • Standardization or Normalization: To maintain the same scale among numerical characteristics, normalization or standardization process is performed.
  1. Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA):
  • We examine the dispersion of listing prices and also examine the interconnection of prices with various features like sentiment scores.
  • Patterns and outliers are detect that may impact the efficiency of our framework.
  1. Model Chosen:

Select methods such as:

  • We employ Linear Regression or its regular types like Lasso or Ridge.
  • Neural Networks
  • Decision trees and random Forest
  • Gradient Boosting Machines (for example: LightGBM & XGBoost)
  1. Training and Validation:
  • We divide the dataset into various sets like training set, validation set and test set.
  • Our framework is undergone training process through the use of training set and we verify its efficiency by utilizing validation data.
  1. Model Evaluation:
  • Regression Metrics: In terms of various metrics such as Mean Absolute Error (MAE), Root Mean Square Error (RMSE) and R^2, the framework is evaluate.
  • Residual Plots: In residuals, we check the format to ensure whether the framework skip any systematic data or not.
  1. Optimization and Hyperparameter Tuning:

            To optimize the efficiency of framework, we utilize methods such as random search or grid search and our approach considers that, regularization method assist to avoid overfitting issue.

  1. Deployment:

            We create a web application or model to obtain a recommended price when the Airbnb user feed property information and feedbacks.

  1. Reviews and Continuous Learning:
  • Our project gathers the customer reviews to interpret the possible demerits and the enhancement areas.
  • By the use of new data, we often reconstruct the framework for the latest forecasting.
  1. Conclusion and Future work:

            We comprise the following factors in this phase such as documenting results, Limitations and future works. The below specified steps are involved in future improvement task:

  • Temporal Dynamics: To investigate seasonal pricing modifications, we include time-series analysis.
  • More Granular Sentiment Analysis: Consider only relevant sentiments about particular factors like location and clearness without analyzing all the sentiments.


  • Feature Importance: After the framework is done, we will detect the features that have the more contribution on prices.
  • Domain Knowledge: Our research will integrate with Airbnb users or customers to know about the unclear attributes that has the impact on pricing.
  • Bias & Fairness: We make sure that whether the framework accidently provides biased prices or not in terms of sensitive factors.

Through the integration of conventional property factors with the sentiments obtained from feedbacks, our framework offers an efficient interpretation for Airbnb listing price directions and also provide a special benefit in the market.

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Airbnb Price Prediction Using Machine Learning and Sentiment Analysis Thesis Topics

In this page we have listed out several Airbnb Price Prediction Using Machine Learning and Sentiment Analysis Thesis Topics that are done by our professionals. Explore more by getting your thesis ideas from, our experts refer to that current year reputable papers and suggest topics. Writing solutions for thesis will be given for all fields by our subject matter professionals.

Airbnb Price Prediction Using Machine Learning and Sentiment Analysis Ideas
  1. A Sustainable Price Prediction Model for Airbnb Listings Using Machine Learning and Sentiment Analysis


Airbnb, sharing economy, sustainable price, sentiment analysis, machine learning, regression

            A major goal of our study is to construct a price forecasting framework that includes property descriptions, owner data and customer feedbacks. Here we extract the essential features from the customer feedbacks by employing sentiment analysis to improve the forecasting framework’s efficiency. Various ML approaches are trained and adjusted and compared in terms of several performance metrics. In that, a Lasso and Ridge model provides best outcomes.

  1. Airbnb Price Prediction Using Machine Learning and Sentiment Analysis


Rental property pricing

            Several methods such as Linear Regression, tree-based models, K-means Clustering, SVR, and neural networks are trained and adjusted in our research to predict the price of Airbnb listing by considering various factors. We retrieved the features from customer feedbacks by utilizing sentiment analysis approach. To choose the most relevant features, we utilized feature importance analysis. Results show that, SVR offers greater efficiency than others.

  1. AIRBNB Price Prediction Using Machine Learning


XGBoost, Linear Regression, ANN, KNN

            To find out the optimal method for forecasting Airbnb price is the main objective of our approach. In that, we compared the efficiency of various ML techniques and methods such as Linear Regression, XGBoost, Random Forest, ANN and KNN. To verify the findings of these techniques, several performance metrics are considered.

  1. Airbnb Rental Price Prediction Using Machine Learning Models


Decision Trees, Extra Trees, Support Vector Machines, Random Forests

            A main concentration of our article is to discover the best technique that has to be efficient to predict the Airbnb price. For that, different ML methods including Decision Tree, K-Nearest Neighbors, Extra Trees, Support Vector Machines, Random Forests, and XGBoost are compared. We utilized the gathered data for the experiment purpose. From the analysis, Decision Tree, Random Forests, Extra Trees and XGB regressors exhibits the same exact results.

  1. Particle Swarm Optimization in Machine Learning Prediction of Airbnb Hospitality Price Prediction


Automated Features Selection, Particle Swarm Optimization

            An innovative ML based framework for the Airbnb price prediction is proposed in our study by utilizing Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO). We utilized PSO technique for the automated feature selection process. From this feature chosen optimization, we can select the optimal and relevant characteristics. This automated feature selection process enhanced the outcomes of various ML techniques like Linear Regression, Lasso, and Ridge.

  1. Learning-based Airbnb Price Prediction Model


Price, prediction, neural network

            Our research constructed a model for the efficient Airbnb price forecasting process. We employed different ML methodologies such as XGBoost and neural network for the prediction purpose. The features that are related to price are examined in our research and we selected only the relevant features for the construction of forecasting model. We also gave instructions about how to maximize the price by considering more relevant facilities.

  1. Predicting Airbnb Listing Price with Different models


Regression model, R-squared.

            By utilizing various ML approaches, our study aims to forecast the Airbnb listing prices in Boston. We employed different Regression methods including random forest regression method, linear regression method, K-nearest neighbor regression method, and Gradient Boosting regression method and we experiment these methods in terms of various metrics to choose the best one for prediction purpose.

  1. Predicting prices of Airbnb listings via Graph Neural Networks and Document Embeddings: The case of the island of Santorini


Graph Neural Networks, price prediction, Airbnb listings.

            By employing graph neural networks and document embeddings approaches, we suggested a novel technique for the Airbnb listings price forecasting in the tourist visited places. Here, we denoted the listing of specified region in a graph format. We conclude that, our suggested technique provides better performance than various regression methods.

  1. Deep Neural Network based Data Analysis and Price Prediction framework for Rio de Janeiro Airbnb


Deep neural network, data analysis, dynamic price forecasting

            We recommended an approach to overcome the issues of high charges and suggest a solution to price property based on three-layered deep neural network with two findings. These findings describe the highest and lowest rental amount that the owner could charge by considering the information about the property. In addition to, our approach provides the relevant factors that the renter should include in their property to maximize their profit price.

  1. A Multi-Source Information Learning Framework for Airbnb Price Prediction


           A multi-source information embedding (MSIE) framework is suggested in our study for the purpose of Airbnb rental price prediction. Firstly, we choose the statistical features to set the original rental information. After that, we formed the text feature embedding. Finally, to acquire spatial feature embedding, we utilized the POI around rental house data. At last, we integrated these three modules and utilized the fully connected neural network for price forecasting.


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