Latest Blockchain Technology Project Ideas

Blockchain is a modern technology to preserve the digital decentralized ledger for transactions. Further, it is also referred to as the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Nowadays, the internet of things is caught up by the critical issues of security. So, it is moving towards blockchain adaption for achieving maximum data privacy and security. This page is about the new developments and research blockchain technology project ideas and challenges with its budding research areas and topics!!!

The colossal collection of blocks in the same network is called a blockchain. Here, each block is connected through the hash value of the previous block in the sequential arrangement. Also, each block has a set of digital transactions. All these are information is securely pampered by cryptographic technology and distributed throughout the network with an assurance of security and privacy. Now, we can see the essential entities of the blockchain architecture.

Top 6 Blockchain technology project ideas

What are the core components of blockchain architecture?

  • Block – Smallest unit of the blockchain in limited size which stores more number of transactions.
  • Miners – Signify the peer nodes in the network which verify a new block. After admitting the new block, the new block is allowed to join the blockchain.
  • Node – Represent the end-user or computer deployed in the blockchain network
  • Transaction – Specifies the record exchanged among parties that are placed in the block of the blockchain.
  • Consensus protocol – Procedure to execute the smart contract of the transaction in the blockchain.
  • Chain – Series of blocks in chronological order where the blocks are connected through the previous transaction hash.

Next, we can see what is “block” is in the blockchain. The below points show you the role of block in storing the transaction and how it has the immutable feature.

What do you mean by blocks in Blockchain technology?

  • As we know already, blockchain maintains the distributed ledger to keep the record of transactions in the network.
  • A block is of a Blockchain that stores a set of transactions which is not easy to change the data.
  • Each block has 4 fields transaction, previous hash, nonce, and target hash value.
  • Once the block is verified by miners then it is added to the chain
  • And, all the blocks in the chain are based on a cryptographic technique for security reasons.

We hope, now you are clear in the blockchain. Further, we have given you the reasons behind why the blockchain is trusted by online users for storing their data. These points answer why it is called a trusted approach in other security technologies.

Why is Blockchain a trusted approach?

  • Blockchain is trusted due to its many unique features like an open-source, smart contract, decentralized ledger, compatibility, etc.
  • Also, it is highly notified the business sectors to protect their huge-scale business records and other related applications
  • It is specially intended to protect the online transactions or data regardless of business type

In the blockchain, each block is identified through its unique hash value where the hash is generated using cryptographic methods. When the new block/transaction arrives, it is verified by the validator for the ledger registration process. Then, it is added to the chain with its hash value and previous block hash. Thus, it manages the sequence of order and transparency of the record. For more clarity, we have specified the processing steps of blockchain below,

How do Blockchain works?

  • Step 1 – Store the new transaction in the block
  • Step 2 – Apply the cryptographic hash technique to create the digital signature
  • Step 3 – Verify the signature by the miners in the network and if successfully validated then store it in the ledger
  • Step 4 – After ledger registration, add the new block to the chain where the data are unchangeable
  • Step 5 – Connect the blocks sequentially through the previous block hash value
  • Step 6 – Follow the blockchain protocol and law for transaction alteration. If there is any violation of laws then exclude the block from chain to stop modification

Further, our research team has given you the implementation plan for the blockchain project. It delivers information ranging from interested areas identification to blockchain project testing.

Major Steps  in implementing Blockchain Project Ideas

  • Collect the requirement from the desired area
  • Analyze the area for recent Blockchain Technology Project Ideas
  • Handpick the optimal idea that suits the requirement
  • Propose the latest appropriate methodologies to the select issue
  • Select the best fitting blockchain development platform, tool, and language
  • Implement the blockchain project using selected development technologies
  • Perform the feasible inspection on the security of the developed blockchain system
  • Monitor, Test, and Control the project

Next, we have given you the details on project requirements. This makes you recognize the list of essentials that need to be collected before beginning the implementation process. Once you get satisfied with all these things, then you can start the project execution.

Identification of Project Requirement:

  • Recognize the recent unsolved research issues or not effectively solved issues
  • Set the research aim and objective of the select topic
  • Select the appropriate consensus mechanism to check the smart contract with other required techniques for solving the selected issues
  • Choose the blockchain development platform that is apt for the selected topic
  • Estimate the Cost for execution and deployment

Now, our developers have given you the different phases of blockchain project development. The attaining these stages one by one, you can complete your implementation process. And the three main phases are given as follows,

Planning stage

  • Before start developing project, assess the basic needs and platform for implementation

Project Construction and Execution

  • Design the graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Develop the user-friendly Application Programming Interface (APIs) for end-user
  • Design the blockchain network structure

Controlling and monitoring the project

  • Implement the Proof of Concept (POC)
  • Identify the bugs and fix the bugs

Next, our research team has given you two common research issues in blockchain systems. And, they are: constrained transparency, expensiveness, and centralization (transfer agent and depositories)

Research Issues in Blockchain

  • Constrained Transparency
    • The threat of forgery activities in securities
    • Asymmetric nature of information will affect the market and cause failure
    • Risk caused by the counterparties in the contract
  • Expensive and Centralized
    • Cost of deployment and administration maintenance is very luxurious
    • Issues regarding transaction registration, transmission, and investigation
    • Transfer agents and depositories have the chance of facing whole system failure

What are the types of records that are present in the blockchain database?

In general, the blockchain holds two varieties of information in its database and they are block records and transaction records. And, these records are interlinked with each other for processing purposes. And also, they are easy to access at the time of execution within a short period. Further, we have also listed the fundamental classification of blockchain technology.

Taxonomy of Blockchain Ecosystem

  • Blockchain Platforms
    • Tangle
    • Ethereum
    • OpenChain
    • Corda (R3 Technology)
    • MultiChain
  • Smart Contracts (Research area)
    • Safety
    • Confidentiality
    • Reliability
    • Access Control Mechanism
    • Different kinds of Attacks
  • Consensus Mechanism
    • Proof-of-Identity
    • Proof-of-Stake (Ethereum)
    • Proof-of-Burn
    • SIEVE
    • Kafka (Hyperledger)
    • Proof-of-Elapsed Time
    • Raft (Hyperledger)
    • Proof-of- Space / Capacity
    • Solo (Hyperledger)
    • Proof-of-Work (Ethereum and Bitcoin)
    • IOTA (Directed Acyclic Graph) Byzantie Fault Tolerance (BFT) and its Variations
  • Blockchain World State / Trusted Ledger
    • Sia
    • Storj
    • Swarm
    • FileCoin
    • InterPlanetary File System (IPFS)
  • Application Layer
    • Healthcare
      • Medichain
      • Carechain
      • Block Health
    • Business
      • Financing
      • Mobile Banking
      • Autonomous Vehicle
      • Supply Chain System
    • IoT
      • IoT-BoT (BoTnet)
      • Lo3 Energy
      • Chain of Things (CoT)
      • Chronicled Technology

However, blockchain attains a special place in recent research. Still, there are some technical issues in blockchain when it comes to real-life implementation. Now, our research team has shared the few research issues to develeop phd thesis in blockchain technology that are very widely concerned as follows,

Blockchain Research Challenges

  • Resources Wastage
    • Blockchain some has downsides such as redundant storage, high energy utilization in executing consensus algorithms, and redundant data transmission. So, there exist resource wastage
  • Usability
    • Users may experience complexity in handling blockchain interfaces. Since it has a complex architectural design which turns out to be less user-friendly for end-users
  • Throughput
    • It describes how many transactions take place in the particular time interval
  • Lack of Standards
    • Inadequate blockchain standardization for data structure, permissible transactions, and data access privileges.
  • Latency
    • It specifies the quantity of time required before running the transaction
  • Privacy
    • Threats in individual personal information and so they need suitable access control technique
  • Bandwidth and Size
    • When the new blocks are continuously added to the chain, the length of the chain increase which eventually increases the size. Also, it uses more bandwidth while downloading data
  • Attack Surface
    • Since blockchain is a distributed system it has security threats from attackers.
  • Versioning, multiple chains, and hard forks
    • Integration of multiple blockchain versions tends to face hamper cross-trade transactions and more attacks.
  • Shared Governance
    • Lack of adapting new blockchain structure which may affect the existing governance.
  • Viable ecosystem
    • It grabs the attention of a massive volume of blockchain adaptors in both internal group and external groups of an organization
  • Record Reliability and Evidentiary quality
    • Unreliability in verifying the originality and integrity of the content in the blockchain network
  • Regulations
    • Lack of clear law clarification for real-time blockchain development

In addition, we have also given you the current innovative Blockchain Technology Project Ideas for reference. Here, we have mentioned Blockchain technology in the internet of things (IoT). Since it is the most important area that scholars are looking forward to.

Research Ideas in Blockchains

  • BIoT Combination
    • Advance Integration Frameworks and Strategies for BIoT
  • BIoT as a Security Solution
    • Employment of Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) in IoT
  • BIoT Limitation and Platforms
    • Effective Techniques for BIoT Issues and Limitations
    • Study on BIoT System Architecture and Framework
  • IoT and Blockchain
    • Authenticating IoT Devices using Blockchain Methods
    • Role of Blockchain in Decentralized IoT
  • Integration of Blockchain and IoT
    • Latest Blockchain Adoption challenges in IoT
    • Current and Future Impact of the BIoT Systems
    • IoT Sensors Access Control using Blockchain Technology
  • Enabling Blockchain in Internet of Things
    • BIoT Data Security based on Digital Signature
    • Blockchain assisted Smart Gateway in IoT System
    • Adapting Hybrid Blockchain Design in IoT Environment
    • Research Advantages and Opportunities of BIoT
    • Applying Blockchain BFT and Pow in Hybrid-IoT Framework
  • Blockchain for the Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Blockchain Security in IoT Data Management
    • New Development of IoT-BoT applications
    • Issues in Adapting Blockchain in IoT Applications
    • Optimization Techniques for Designing BIoT system
    • Survey on Integration of Blockchain

Another important integrated technology in blockchain is the 6G Network. Our researchers have found that there is a huge demand for the area of AI-Blockchain with a 6G network. It is expected to rule the digital technology in nearer future.

Recent Research Blockchain Technology Project Ideas

  • Deployment of Decentralized Blockchain in Cellular Applications
  • Blockchain-enabled Resource Management in 6G Networks
  • The implication of Blockchain and AI in 6G established Industry 4.0
  • 6G enabled AI-Blockchain Solutions for Mobility Services
  • Design of New Blockchain Smart Contract for 6G Resource Distribution
  • Utilization of Blockchain Smart Contracts in Multi-Operator Network Sharing System

We have also listed above other Blockchain Technology Project Ideas in this area that we are currently working on,  Some of the research scopes in this area are: Decentralized Network Processing, Intelligent Mobility Services, 6G enabled Smart Contract, Dynamic Resource Handling, and 6G-Blockchain Design. Further, if you want more facts about blockchain-enabled technologies or the research field, then make contact with us. We will give you complete information on your demanded areas with current research topics.


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