Brain Computer Interface Python Code Development

Brain computer interface is the technology which is using neural pathways in order to communicate with external devices via the signals produced from the brain. The main motto of this system is to assist, boost and fix the intellectual operations of humans.  If you are a person searching for the interesting fields about brain computer interface python, then this article is only meant for you. This is the only platform where you can find all the relevant details on the brain computer interface using python language. 

What is meant by BCI?

The acronym BCI stands for Brain Computer Interface. The foremost idea behind this article is to bring up the essential concepts that are needed to conduct every brain computer interface python oriented researches and experiment. This is also known as a group effort between the brain and some external devices which take input as emitted signals from the human brain. The main objective of this system is to control the physically challenged people’s external activity.

For example, armless people cannot handle any objects as per their wishes. In fact, technology is equipped with so many blessings. Artificially designed equipment will be fixed in the areas of disability. These are so-called external devices that can intellectually perform according to the brain’s instruction.

Brain activity is monitored by two classes of methods such as invasive BCI & non-invasive BCI. EEG signals are used in non-invasive methods. Electrodes are placed on the scalp to record brain activities.   Actually, the BCI system is classified into 2 categories and with multiple subcategories. In this regard, let us move on to the next section. 

Implementing Brain Computer Interface System Python Projects

Taxonomies of BCI

  • Dependent BCI Visual Evoked
    • Exogenous
    • Non-invasive
      • Independent BCI
      • Exogenous
      • P300 Evoked
      • Non-invasive
      • Endogenous
    • Non-invasive
      • Graz BCI
      • Wadsworth BCI
      • Sensorimotor Rhythms
      • Invasive
      • Slow Cortical

Dependent and independent are the features which are classifying the BCI systems into two 2 major categories. As the beginners in these areas may not be aware of the working process of the system for those aspirants we are going to cover up the forthcoming section about how does the BCI system works step by step. Come let us jump into the worthwhile areas. 

How Does Brain Computer Interface System Works?

  • Step 1: Acquisition of brain signals
  • Step 2: Preprocessing brain signals
  • Step 3: Extracting temporal & spatial features
  • Step 4: Regression & classification
  • Step 5: Translating signals into commands
  • Step 6: External device’s feedbacks

This is how the brain computer interface system works in a structural manner. Besides, conducting researches and experiments in the BCI system is quite complex because it needs so many technical requirements and advanced software and toolkits.

Hence, even world-class engineers also prefer to work on the desired areas of interest using python. It is one of the emerging programming languages which have a wide range of libraries and modules for processing the brain computer interface operations.

On the other hand, it is an open-source tool. As this article is handout is concreted with the brain computer interface python, we are going to let you know the implementation & execution steps involved in the brain computer interface using python. 

How to Implement Brain Computer Interface Python Projects?

A python is standalone software that doesn’t rely on other tools even if you prefer to work with other toolkits you can also use them while running a script. In fact, it is a multifaceted programming language. Come let us have the step-by-step python implementation according to BCI. 

Step 1 Installation Setup using Python

  • Deploy the operating systems such as Windows & MAC OS
  • The version may range from Windows (7-10 pro) & MAC OS (Mojave or High Sierra)
  • Try to avoid running on Linux as it is not compatible
  • For installing Pylsl & WxPython it needs Python v 3.6.5 & PsychoPy
  • Primarily install Python 3.6.5 to run the BCI stacks
  • Install CSLU developed Docker-machine & Docker which is used for language modeling
  • The server will offer the images by several instructions which are inputted in the language model
  • Insert & download the images of language models otherwise tune fake images
  • It can be done by setting the parameters.json file
  • Installation command for BCI is pip install BciPy
  • Installation command for Make is made dev-install 

Step 2 Execution / Running Step using Python

  • Run your command prompt with the command of python bcipy/gui/
  • For raising experiment you can use tools for as a command
  • This command is involving with tasks, experiments, user & some parameters
  • As per your desires, you can also flag your attributes in this step
  • For example python = user “bciuser” task “guicreation”
  • To check other available inputs run python help

The above listed are the 2 major steps involved in implementing and executing the brain computer interface python aspects. If you are arising with any doubts then you can hit us at any time. In addition, we are also illuminating your confused areas practically either in digital platforms or offline.

In fact, we are offering our extended support to the students and scholars. As this article is fully focused on giving content about the BCI system with python, here we would like to mention the python modules and functions used in the brain computer interface system for the ease of your understanding. 

Python Modules and Functions for Brain Computer Interface 

  • Language Model
    • Recommends related letters while typing script
  • BciMain
    • Main entering point of application & experiment’s executor
  • Feedback 
    • Audio & graphical provocation based responding system
  • Tasks
    • Implements user’s tasks & has different modules for experiment
  • Static
    • Understandable texts based on image & audio inputs given
  • Parameters
    • Json locating parameters
  • Helpers
    • Facilitates to interact with inputs/outputs & modules
  • Graphical User Interface
    • Permits the users to navigate & edit the parameters
  • Signal
    • Viewers, evaluators, preprocessing, filters & EEG signals
  • Display
    • Displays stimuli & permits timing for stimuli projection
  • Acquisition
    • Acquired data is given to time series then stored as files

The above itemized is the list of various key modules and functionalities of the same. The specialty of these modules is they are inbuilt with their own readme file, test files & demo files. We hope that you would have gotten the points as of now listed.

Generally, python is the programming language that is handpicked by every master and beginner because they are enabling the users to create graphical user interfaces in order to modify the parameters. Along with this, it has a developer community in which beginners can learn more. In this regard, we can also have insights about the python packages up to date. 

Python Packages for Brain Computer Interface

  • SoundFile 0.10.3.post1
  • PyQt5 5.15.1
  • Pyedflib 0.1.19
  • Py-cpuinf 7.0.0
  • Pillow 8.0.0
  • Psutil 5.7.2
  • Pandas 1.1.3
  • Pylsl 1.13.1
  • Matplotlib 3.1.1
  • Seaborn 0.9.0
  • Scikit-learn 0.23.2
  • Scipy 1.5.2
  • Sounddevice 0.4.1
  • Numpy 1.19.2
  • Piglet 1.4.10
  • Openpyxl 2.6.3
  • PsychoPy 2020.2.10
  • Opencv_python
  • Mne 0.17.0
  • Construct 2.8.14
  • Docker 2.6.1
  • WxPython 4.0.4
  • Wheel 0.30.0

The aforementioned are the various packages supported in the python programming language. This is the biggest reason for suggesting picking Python as the scripting language for brain computer interface technology.

In fact, our researchers & developers in the concern are masters in dealing with every programming language. So we know the pros and cons of programming languages. As we are investing our vast time in researching brain computer interface in python we are supposed to yield incredible results in the determined areas.

In recent days, we have conducted so many BCI-oriented projects by basing a programming language like python. Compared to other languages, it is strongly recommended. At this time, we felt that it would be the right phrase to talk about the latest BCI project using python to make your understanding better. 

Latest Brain Computer Interface Project using Python

  • EEG signal acquisition based on online/offline phases
  • EEG signal filtering or conditioning
  • Band power computation for feature extraction
  • SVM based feature classification
  • Temporal/spectral features plotting

These are the five steps to getting involved in our latest project of brain computer interface using python and machine learning algorithm. EEG signal conditioning is the major thing to be taken into account while experimenting with acquired EEG signals. Some of the essential key things are itemized for the ease of your understanding according to the EEG signal conditioning.

  • EEG channels average is removed for acquiring Common Average Reference
  • Distant sources are reduced in local voltage gradient by Bipolar Filtering computation
  • Laplace Filtering computation is evaluated by,
  • EEG channel activity = mean of electrodes – individual channel

The above listed are the 5 major and key modules get comprised in the process of brain computer interface python. In fact, it is completely scripted in the python language and predominantly compatible with Scipy3 & Numpy3.

These are the major libraries used for scientific computing.

Matplolib4 is another library that is used to plot the exact features. In addition, PyGTK5 is the binding work formerly used to program the user interfaces. SVM (Support Vector Machine Learning) is the classification algorithm of machine learning which uses the LIBSVM6 module.

As so many students from all over the world approached us to reveal the innovative project titles in brain computer interface, here we would like to light up the next section with the same. In fact, this will also help you out guys while selecting your BCI-based projects. Come let us have quick insights. 

Innovative Project Titles in Brain Computer Interface 

  • Wireless & Mobile (Hybrid) BCIs for Disabled Persons
  • Neuro based Feedbacks for Paralyzed Patients
  • Cybersecurity based Brain Computer Interface System
  • Swarm Intelligence with Neuro-Engineering for Aged People
  • Exoskeleton Control using EMG & EEG Signals
  • BCI & Medical/Non-medical based Gaming Apps for Physically Challenged Persons
  • Automated Domestic Appliances using EEG for Aged Citizens
  • BCI based Smart Home Controls for the Disabled Individuals
  • ML & BCI based Techniques for Assisted Living
  • Cognitive based Neuro-Engineering in Healthcare
  • Brain Stimulations for Elderly Persons
  • BCI based EEG’s Dynamically Supporting Applications

Here, EMG stands for electromyography & EEG stands for electroencephalogram. The above listed are some of the interesting and innovative project ideas of the BCI system. You can also work on the above-listed areas for paper writing. In fact, this is just a pinch of salt apart from this we are having so many newfangled ideas in our hands. 

Brain Computer Interface Project Ideas

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Then here is a solution, come and meet our experts for getting those requirements. Really! We are giving our 24/7 support to the students whom we are tutoring. Our style of teaching is different from others and so many of the students & institutes are really appreciating us in the technical areas. Now we can pass on to the article’s flow. Yes, we are going to see about the datasets used in the brain computer interface. 

Brain Computer Interface Datasets

P300 Matrix Speller Standard Dataset

  • It identifies the 12 responses from the 2 different targets
  • Each target will respond in the form of symbols by rows and columns
  • This is how responses are found from these targets & it is different from Hex-O-Speller
  • Thus Hex-O-Speller needs 6 responses from a single target
  • The objective of this dataset is to find (1/36) 1 character from the presented 36 characters
  • P300 dataset is using 6*6 matrix for character identification
  • Hex-O-Speller finds the 6 characters according to the steps & characters 

Berlin Brain Computer Interface (B-BCI) Dataset

  • Overview of BCI Dataset
    • EEG signals were acquired with 32 electrodes & 3 subjects
    • The activities held such as illumination of moving of left & right hands
    • In addition, getting spontaneous words with the same letters
    • Signals are filtered & calculated based on power spectral density
  • Size of BCI Dataset
    • Uncompressed text – 63 MB
    • Training data records – 31216
    • Test data – 10464
    • Numerical label of record – 96
  • Tasks of BCI Dataset
    • Experiments the data are given and preprocesses same for data mining
    • It trains 2 different classifiers in order to allocate class labels
    • This is intended to plot out the subject’s activity of performance
  • Barriers of BCI Dataset
    • Representing the time series of the EEG signals are pretty complex
    • Pre-computed features need baseline approaches to enrich
    • Training of a classifier at each stage is quite complex in nature
    • As they both ignore to consider the data is time-series oriented
    • Hidden Markov Model is used as an alternative for explicit time-series

The above listed are the 2 major datasets used in the brain computer interface apart from this there are so many datasets are being used in the processes of the same. So far, we have come up with the concepts of brain computer interface python language code. As we told about the importance of using python as a language in brain computer interface we hope that you would choose the wise one.

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