Cloud Computing Research Issues

Cloud computing is a fast-growing domain in recent years. There are several challenges that are progressing continuously in this domain. All trending issues are worked by us easily we have well qualified team to tackle any types of Cloud computing  research issues. The following are few of the significant research challenges in cloud computing: 

  1. Safety and Privacy
  • Data Encryption: To secure complicated information from illicit access, aim to assure that the data is encrypted at inactive state and during transmission.
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM): It is appreciable to construct strong IAM frameworks in order to regulate and track who has permission to use cloud sources.
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention: Specifically, to identify and avoid illicit access and assaults on cloud architecture, develop progressive models.
  • Data Breaches and Loss Prevention: Encompassing safe backup approaches, it is better to deploy policies and mechanisms to avoid data loss and violations.
  1. Resource Management and Improvement
  • Auto-Scaling Mechanisms: On the basis of the workload requirements, adapt sources in a dynamic manner by creating smart auto-scaling technologies.
  • Load Balancing: For assuring high consistency and accessibility, focus on formulating effective load balancing methods to disseminate workloads equally among cloud servers.
  • Energy Efficiency: To decrease energy utilization of cloud data centers when sustaining effectiveness, aim to develop suitable algorithms.
  1. Performance and Scalability
  • Performance Optimization: Mainly, in the architecture and implementation stages, improve the effectiveness of cloud applications by means of optimization approaches.
  • Scalability Challenges: In order to manage rising numbers of data and user needs, solve problems that are relevant to scaling cloud architecture.
  • Network Latency: It is appreciable to decrease network delay and enhance momentum of data transfer among end-users and cloud servers.
  1. Data Management and Big Data Analytics
  • Big Data Processing: For effective processing and exploration of extensive datasets in cloud platforms, aim to construct suitable models.
  • Data Storage Solutions: Typically, fault-tolerant, scalable, and high-effectiveness data storage approaches have to be developed.
  • Real-Time Analytics: To process and investigate streaming data from different resources, utilize actual-time data analytics approaches.
  1. Interoperability and Portability
  • Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Environments: Over various cloud service suppliers and among private and public clouds, assure that there is consistent interoperability and data mobility.
  • Standardization: To decrease provider lock-in and enable interoperability, it is better to build protocols and principles.
  1. Cost Management and Improvement
  • Cost-Efficient Resource Allocation: For cost-efficient resource allotment and management in cloud platforms, aim to model beneficial methods and policies.
  • Pricing Models: Generally, various pricing systems and their influence on cloud service implementation and utility have to be explored.
  1. Edge and Fog Computing
  • Integration with Cloud: To enhance actual-time data processing and decrease delay, investigate the combination of fog and edge computing with cloud architecture.
  • Resource Management at the Edge: For effective resource management and task offloading at the edge, focus on creating policies.
  1. Serverless Computing
  • Performance and Cost Optimization: It is approachable to enhance the cost-efficacy and effectiveness of serverless infrastructures.
  • Cold Start Latency: To enhance reactions, minimize the cold start delay in serverless operations.
  1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • AI for Cloud Resource Management: Specifically, to improve fault identification, resource allotment, and load balancing, utilize machine learning and AI.
  • Security Applications: Aim to employ AI in order to strengthen safety criterions like intrusion detection and prevention models.
  1. Blockchain and Cloud Integration
  • Secure Data Sharing: In cloud platforms, improve the clearness and protection of data distribution by employing blockchain mechanisms.
  • Decentralized Storage Solutions: For enhanced data accessibility and integrity, investigate blockchain-related decentralized storage approaches.
  1. Compliance and Regulatory Problems
  • Data Sovereignty: It is appreciable to solve data integrity problems and assuring adherence to local data security rules such as HIPAA, GDPR.
  • Auditability and Transparency: For verifiability and clarity in cloud services to align with regulatory necessities, create models and tools.
  1. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Automated Disaster Recovery: To assure business consistency in the incident of architecture faults or loss of data, develop automatic disaster recovery approach.
  • Resilient Architectures: Typically, resistant cloud infrastructures have to be modelled in such a manner that contains the capability to offer high accessibility and confront faults.
  1. Emerging Mechanisms
  • Quantum Computing: For improved computational abilities, aim to examine the combination of quantum computing with cloud architecture.
  • 5G Integration: Mainly, based on improved connectivity and latency mitigation, explore the influence of the 5G mechanism on cloud computing.

Instance Research Topics

  1. AI-Driven Resource Allocation and Management in Multi-Cloud Environments
  2. Real-Time Big Data Analytics Frameworks for IoT Applications in the Cloud
  3. Enhancing Data Privacy and Security in Cloud-Based Healthcare Systems
  4. Leveraging Edge and Fog Computing for Low-Latency Cloud Applications
  5. Developing a Secure Multi-Tenant Cloud Storage System Using Blockchain Technology
  6. Energy-Efficient Load Balancing Algorithms for Cloud Data Centers
  7. Optimizing Serverless Computing Architectures for Reduced Cold Start Latency
  8. Cost-Effective Disaster Recovery Solutions in Hybrid Cloud Environments

What are the current hot research topics in big data or cloud computing related to information technology?

In the field of big data and cloud computing, there exists numerous research topics. But some are determined as fascinating and effective. We offer few recent captivating research topics in cloud computing and big data:

Big Data

  1. Real-Time Data Analytics
  • Explanation: For processing and examining data in actual-time, construct tools and models.
  • Significant Areas: Actual-time decision-making, stream processing, low-latency data pipelines.
  • Mechanisms: Spark Streaming, Apache Kafka, Apache Flink.
  1. AI and Machine Learning Integration
  • Explanation: To instruct machine learning systems for anomaly identification, predictive analytics, and more, aim to utilize big data.
  • Significant Areas: Federated learning, Automated machine learning (AutoML), deep learning.
  • Mechanisms: Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, PyTorch.
  1. Data Privacy and Security
  • Explanation: It is appreciable to assure protection and confidentiality of big data when sustaining adherence to rules.
  • Significant Areas: Secure multi-party computation, differential privacy, homomorphic encryption.
  • Mechanisms: Encryption libraries, confidentiality-preserving machine learning models.
  1. Scalable Data Storage Solutions
  • Explanation: To maintain the increasing number and diversity of data, model effective and scalable data storage infrastructures.
  • Significant Areas: Data lakes, distributed file systems, NoSQL databases.
  • Mechanisms: Google Bigtable, Apache Hadoop, Amazon S3.
  1. Big Data in IoT
  • Explanation: Focus on handling and examining the extensive quantities of data produced by IoT devices.
  • Significant Areas: Actual-time analytics, fog computing, edge computing.
  • Mechanisms: Google Cloud IoT, AWS IoT, Azure IoT Hub.
  1. Graph Data Processing
  • Explanation: Specifically, for applications like fraud identification, suggestion models, and social network exploration, investigate extensive graph data.
  • Significant Areas: Parallel processing, graph databases, graph algorithms.
  • Mechanisms: GraphX, Neo4j, Apache Giraph.

Cloud Computing

  1. Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Management
  • Explanation: For handling workloads and sources among numerous cloud suppliers and hybrid platforms, aim to construct tools and policies.
  • Significant Areas: Multi-cloud arrangement, interoperability, data portability.
  • Mechanisms: Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, Terraform.
  1. Serverless Computing
  • Explanation: Typically, serverless infrastructures have to be improved for higher effectiveness, cost-efficacy, and scalability.
  • Significant Areas: Resource allocation, Function-as-a-Service (FaaS), cold start latency.
  • Mechanisms: Google Cloud Functions, AWS Lambda, Azure Functions.
  1. Edge and Fog Computing
  • Explanation: To decrease delay and improve actual-time processing, focus on combining fog and edge computing along with cloud architecture.
  • Significant Areas: Resource management, confidentiality, and protection at the edge.
  • Mechanisms: EdgeX Foundry, AWS Greengrass, Azure IoT Edge.
  1. AI-Driven Cloud Resource Management
  • Explanation: It is beneficial to make use of machine learning and AI in order to enhance resource allotment and management in cloud platforms.
  • Significant Areas: Workload balancing, predictive analytics, auto-scaling.
  • Mechanisms: Reinforcement learning methods, AIops environments.
  1. Blockchain Integration with Cloud Computing
  • Explanation: Through the utilization of blockchain mechanism, aim to optimize the clarity, protection, and performance of cloud services.
  • Significant Areas: Secure data sharing, decentralized storage, smart contracts.
  • Mechanisms: IPFS, Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric.
  1. Cloud Security and Privacy
  • Explanation: To secure data and applications, solve confidentiality and safety limitations in cloud platforms.
  • Significant Areas: Intrusion detection, Identity and access management (IAM), encryption.
  • Mechanisms: Google Cloud Security Command Center, AWS IAM, Azure Security Center.

Integrated Big Data and Cloud Computing Topics

  1. Scalable Machine Learning on Cloud Platforms
  • Explanation: By employing cloud architecture, deploy scalable machine learning frameworks to manage extensive datasets.
  • Significant Areas: Model implementation, distributed training, hyperparameter tuning.
  • Mechanisms: Azure ML, AWS SageMaker, Google AI Platform.
  1. Real-Time Big Data Processing in the Cloud
  • Explanation: For processing and examining big data in actual-time, focus on creating approaches through the utilization of cloud services.
  • Significant Areas: Low-latency data pipelines, stream processing, actual-time analytics.
  • Mechanisms: Azure Stream Analytics, Google Cloud Dataflow, AWS Kinesis.
  1. Cost-Efficient Big Data Storage and Processing
  • Explanation: In cloud platforms, enhance the cost of preserving and processing big data.
  • Significant Areas: Serverless data processing, storage tiering, cost-aware resource allocation.
  • Mechanisms: Azure Data Lake, AWS S3 Intelligent-Tiering, Google BigQuery.
  1. Data Governance in Cloud-Based Big Data Systems
  • Explanation: It is approachable to assure governance, data standard, and adherence in cloud-related big data frameworks.
  • Significant Areas: Adherence to regulations, data lineage, data cataloging.
  • Mechanisms: Azure Purview, AWS Glue, Google Data Catalog.
  1. AI and Big Data for Cloud Security
  • Explanation: In order to improve protection in cloud platforms, aim to utilize big data analytics and AI.
  • Significant Areas: Anomaly identification, threat identification, predictive analytics for protection.
  • Mechanisms: AWS Security Hub, Splunk, IBM QRadar.

Instance Research Topic

Title: “Optimizing Serverless Computing for Real-Time Big Data Analytics in Multi-Cloud Environments”


  • For processing actual-time big data among numerous cloud environments, create and assess serverless infrastructures.
  • In serverless operations, explore approaches for decreasing cold start delay.
  • Generally, cost management and resource allotment in serverless computing have to be improved.


  1. Literature Review: It is advisable to carry out a complete analysis of previous serverless computing frameworks and actual-time big data processing models.
  2. Architecture Design: For actual-time data analytics, model a multi-cloud serverless infrastructure.
  3. Implementation: On numerous cloud environments, implement the infrastructure and focus on utilizing actual-time data processing pipelines.
  4. Evaluation: Under different workloads, assess scalability, expense, and effectiveness of the suggested approach.
Cloud Computing Research questions

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  1. Implement of a Light-Weight Integrated Virtualized Environment Manager for Private Cloud Computing
  2. Cloud Computing: Analysis of Top 5 CSPs in SaaS, PaaS and IaaS Platforms
  3. Detecting worm attacks in cloud computing environment: Proof of concept
  4. Intelligent Distributed Method to Secure Stored Data in Cloud Computing
  5. Blockchain provisioning over private cloud computing environments: Availability modeling and cost requirements
  6. TSPSO: Enhanced Task Scheduling using Optimized Particle Swarm Algorithm in Cloud Computing Environment
  7. Evaluating cloud computing scheduling algorithms under different environment and scenarios
  8. Factors influencing information privacy concern in cloud computing environment
  9. A profile guided, analysis for energy-efficient computational offloading for mobile cloud computing environment
  10. Integrating OGC Web Processing Service with cloud computing environment for Earth Observation data
  11. IDPS based framework for security in green cloud computing and comprehensive review on existing frameworks and security issues
  12. National Cloud Computing Principles: Guidance for Public Sector Authorities Moving to the Cloud
  13. Dynamic Operations of Cloud Radio Access Networks (C-RAN) for Mobile Cloud Computing Systems
  14. Considerations of Emerging Cloud Computing in Financial Industry and One-Time Password with Valet Key Solution
  15. Stakeholders in the cloud computing value-chain : A socio-technical review of data breach literature
  16. Joint Cloud and Wireless Networks Operations in Mobile Cloud Computing Environments With Telecom Operator Cloud
  17. E-government cloud computing proposed model: Egyptian E_Government Cloud Computing
  18. Enabling User-Policy-Confined VM Migration in Trusted Cloud Computing
  19. Securing Mobile Cloud Computing Using Biometric Authentication (SMCBA)
  20. A performance estimation model for high-performance computing on clouds


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