Covid 19 Prediction Using Machine Learning Project Python

Machine Learning for COVID-19 forecasting is conducted in several manners based on the goal of our research. We have worked with the latest topics under Covid 19 Prediction Using Machine Learning Project Python. We guide scholars by choosing the right topics so that they don’t regret it under any stage. All latest resources are available in to complete the best project so contact us for more support.

 Here, we discuss about the project overview for forecasting the new cases in future by considering a specific area through analyzing previous data.

  1. Objective Description:

To forecast the count of new COVID-19 cases in the upcoming days in terms of previous old data and other important features, we create a machine learning framework.

  1. Collection of Data:
  • We utilize various websites such as “Our World in Data” or “Johns Hopkins University dataset” to have previous COVID-19 case information.
  • Our model gathers other important predictor data such as examining rates, Population density and other government factors like lockdowns and travel restrictions.
  1. Data Preprocessing:
  • By utilizing interpolation and deletion approach, we manage missing data.
  • In this, the date strings are changed into usable pattern by us (i.e datetime in Python format).
  • We build innovative features like changing averages of cases that obtain latest directions.
  1. Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA):
  • Additionally, we visualize the case directions.
  • Interconnection among various features and case counts are gets evaluate in our work.
  • We interpret the weekly variations by analyzing some seasonal factors or trends.
  1. Feature Engineering:
  • Lag Features: Our project utilize data from past days as input characteristics.
  • Time Features: It considers day of the particular month or week.
  • External Features: We employ features like examining rate, pandemic status, and population density.
  1. Model Chosen:

Here, we implement time series prediction frameworks:

  • Prophet from Facebook
  • Classic regression framework such as Linear Regression with time characteristics.
  • Tree based frameworks like Random Forest or XGBoost
  • For deeper trends, we use Long Short Term Memory (LSTM).
  1. Training and Validation:
  • Time based Split: Because of we deal with time series data, rolling window or expanding window validation strategy is utilize.
  • By using training data, we train the model and validate using validation data.
  1. Model Evaluation:
  • To examine the efficiency of framework on forecasting process, we consider various metrics such as Mean Absolute Error (MAE), Mean Absolute Percentage Error (MAPE) and Root Mean Squared Error (RMSE).
  • By considering real time values, we visualize the forecasting of framework.
  1. Hyperparameter Tuning:
  • To get an efficient performance, our work fine-tunes the framework’s parameters by utilizing Random Search or grid Search.
  1. Deployment:
  • We employ models such as FastAPI or Flask to deploy our framework in web based applications or API.
  • From this, users choose a particular area and obtain forecasting for future.
  1. Tracking & Maintenance:
  • Often we retrain our framework by using new data because of the modifications in human activities and pandemic type.
  • Our research aims to regularly track the forecasting and alter as required.
  1. Conclusion and Future Work:
  • We document the results, utilized techniques, limitations and possible enhancements.
  • By considering additional features such as new COVID-19 cases, vaccination counts, our framework will improve its efficiency.


  • Quality of Data: We check the confidentiality and stability of data. Instable findings or false data affect the forecasting of our framework.
  • Interpretability: By providing huge stakes and people involvement, it is very helpful to utilize frameworks or methods that offer the perception about the particular feature which direct the forecasting process.
  • External Attributes: Various attributes are the reason for increase in COVID-19 cases. Therefore, through the consideration of several features, we build the framework more precisely but it may also produce noise.

We state that, it will be very advantageous by utilizing Python libraries such as Matplotlib and Seaborn for visualization, TensorFlow and PyTorch for LSTMs, Pandas for data managing, and Scikit-learn for conventional machine learning framework.

It is very important to note that, we must wisely utilize the forecasting and associate with some professional epidemiological skills when the machine learning framework offers forecasting and perceptions.

Covid 19 Prediction Using Machine Learning Project Python Thesis

Numerous thesis ideas along with experts’ advice will be shared for PhD or MS scholars. Read the below listed projects and get to know about what we have worked. Incase if you are in need of professional’s thesis service contact us. We develop projects as per your interest by shring the trending thesis topics that is best for you.

Covid 19 Prediction using Machine Learning Project Python Topics
  1. Prediction of COVID-19 Cases Using the ARIMA Model and Machine Learning


COVID-19, Pandemic, Machine learning, ARIMA model, Global pandemic

            A machine learning model named ARIMA is employed in our article to discuss about the impact of historical cases. We examined several ML techniques to predict the Covid 19 cases. We discovered the amount of people will be impacted by Covid in future. Therefore, we utilized ARIMA model for the forecasting of Covid cases and to examine the increasing rate. We conclude that, our suggested model forecasts the cases efficiently.

  1. Prediction of covid-19 cases using Machine Learning with varying atmospheric conditions


Weather Forecast, Climate Change, Artificial Intelligence, Support Vector Machine (SVM)

            Our approach utilized an innovative method denoted Support Vector Machine that is specifically employed for categorization and regression tasks. We analyzed whether the rate of Covid patients increases or not by considering various factors that affects the human’s health and our approach assists to making decisions regarding to the analysis. According to the findings, the healthcare professionals can schedule their plans.

  1. Spread Analysis and Prediction of Covid-19 in India using Machine Learning


World Health Organization, Polynomial Regression, Support Vector Regression, Root Mean Squared Error

            To predict the Covid affected patients, recovered patients and death rate in a particular period of time, various ML methods are utilized in our paper such as polynomial regression (PR), support vector regression (SVR), and an autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA). As a result, ARIMA method achieved highest outcomes than other methods. However, our recommended approach will help to minimize the impact of Covid.

  1. RespoBot: Chatbot used for the prediction of diseases using Machine Learning and Deep Learning with respect to Covid-19


Artificial Neural Network (ANN), Decision Tree (DT), Gradient Boosting (GBC), Logistic Regression (LR), Random Forest (RF), Voting Classifier (VC)

            In our research, we carried out a disease forecasting process by employing several methods like LR, SVM, RF, SGD, GD, DT, NBC and VC ensemble technique. Then we compared the efficiency of all methods to find out the optimal one. Natural learning processing is utilized on a neural network by Chatbot in our research. Here we confirmed the cases of Covid 19, Tuberculosis, and Pneumonia.

  1. Machine Learning Methods for Prediction of COVID-19 Patient Length of Stay: Using Texas PUDF Data


Regression models, Texas PUDF, inpatient Length of Stay (LOS)

            Our study forecasted the length of stay of Covid patients by selecting various features. For that, we employed different methodologies such as Gradient Boosting (GB), K-Nearest Neighbors (KNN), Support Vector Machine (SVM), and Random Forest (RF). We detect the optimal parameters for every model by utilizing regression method. We examined the efficiency of the methods in terms of various metrics.

  1. A Recommendation System Based on COVID-19 Prediction & Analyzing Using Ensemble Boosted Machine Learning Algorithm


Recommender system, Ensemble classifier, Prediction model

            To improve the forecasting results by integrating various techniques, we recommended Ensemble boosted classifier in our paper. We employed contented related filtering method with collaborative filtering model to acquire the optimal findings. Various classes like Bagging, stacking, and boosting creates a major impact in forecasting method investigation. We compared our recommended work with some previous research and our work provides better results.

  1. Covid-19 Prediction Analysis Using Machine Learning Approach



            A major goal of our research is to forecast the Covid 19 cases with respect to early symptoms like cough, fever, cold etc. through the utilization of ML approaches. We forecast the disease by employing various methods such as MLP, GBC, Decision tree, SVM, Logistic Regression and Random Forest. In that, Logistic Regression offers greater end results when compared with others and our approach helps to diagnosis the disease at its early stage.

  1. A Critical Evaluation of Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques for COVID-19 Prediction


Chest X-ray, Chest CT, CT, L.R, KNN, Deep learning, ResNet50, VGG16

            Various ML and DL methods are employed in our article to identify the severe disease named Covid 19 in an early stage. We reviewed several research studies related to the early identification of Covid 19 through chest X-rays images by employing DL methods including ResNet-50, VGG16 and ML methods like SVM, KNN. Our work discussed about the drawbacks based on the comparison of utilized techniques for the accurate Covid forecasting results.

  1. COVID-19 prediction using machine learning based on the patient’s vital signs: A case for Saudi Arabia


Vital Signs, COVID-19 Prediction

            An ultimate aim of our study is to generate an appropriate forecasting of Covid 19 cases in its early phase by employing different ML methods. We utilized WEKA 3.8.5 and Python to discover the optimal method. We compared various methods including RF with grid search, ANN, SVM, RF, J48, XGB Classifier, and XGB Classifier with grid search. As a consequence, RF with grid search approach provides highest efficiency than others.

  1. Machine Applications of Machine Learning to Predict COVID-19 Spread via an Optimized BPSO Model


K-nearest neighbor, binary particle swarm optimization, random oversampling, naive Bayes model

            Our study offers an innovative framework for the forecasting of Covid by utilizing various techniques including random forest method, gradient boosting method, and naive Bayes method. We selected the relevant features by employing Binary particle swarm optimization. A comparative analysis is carried out in our paper in terms of various metrics. From the investigations, random forest method achieved greater results in a specified dataset.


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