Customer Segmentation using Machine Learning Project

The process of customer segmentation is the splitting of industry’s customers into various categories that exhibits the uniqueness between customers related to several metrics such as activities, demographics and conducts. We make use of these categories to offer product enhancements, ad campaigns and marketing plans.

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Below, we discuss the procedural flow of customer segmentation process by employing machine learning:

  1. Objective Description:
  • By considering various factors like demographic data, purchasing activities and other essential characteristics, we categorize customers into different sets.
  1. Gathering of Data:
  • We utilize purchasing data, consumer repositories, or our industry’s CRM.
  • Most common features are considered in our project such as annual income, sales data, product reviews, visit count, gender and age.
  1. Preprocessing of data:
  • Managing missing values: To manage the missing values, we employ approaches such as median imputation, model based imputation or mean imputation.
  • Feature Scaling: We maintain the similar scale among different features including age and income by performing Z-score normalization or Min-Max scaling.
  • Outlier identification & Elimination: Our research identifies and eliminates outliers because it affects the clustering procedure.
  1. Feature Engineering:
  • We utilize the extracted features that are more relevant instead of using raw data. For instance: we extract the “Lifetime Value” metric from sales data.
  1. Model Chosen & Training:

Mostly we utilize unsupervised learning methods, clustering approaches for customer segmentation work:

  • K-Means Clustering: In this, number of clusters is defined. We also make use of Elbow technique to specify the appropriate count.
  • DBSCAN: We identify the groups of different shapes and dimensions by using this Density based clustering technique.
  • Hierarchical Clustering: This approach is efficient for hierarchical relationships interpretation. By using this, we develop a tree of clusters.
  • Gaussian Mixture Models: It is a probabilistic framework which imagines that data is produced from a mixture of various gaussian dispersions.
  1. Evaluation:

When employing unsupervised learning, we utilize the following metrics rather than using conventional accuracy metrics.

  • Silhouette Score: In this, we calculate how the object is identical to its own group when compared with another.
  • Davies-Bouldin Index: We state that, the smaller value in this index denotes the best clustering.
  • Visual Inspection: To visualize the clusters, we employ dimensionality minimization approaches such as t-SNE or PCA.
  1. Deployment:
  • In our customer analytics platform or CRM, we deploy our segmentation framework.
  • To alter the marketing strategies, product suggestions or loyalty activities, we utilize the segments.
  1. Post Deployment Monitoring:
  • We often retrain the clustering to renew the segments because the demographics and consumer activities are alter in a specific period of time.
  • To examine the effect of modified plans for every segment, we track the business metrics such as campaign transformation rate.


  • Selecting Appropriate Features: Appropriate feature selection determines the standard of segmentation in our project.
  • Determining the Number of Segments: We decide the count of segments specifically in the methods such as K-Means.
  • Interpreting Clusters: We demonstrate that, every cluster does not have a functional and understandable perception.

Extensions or Advanced Approaches:

  • RFM Analysis: By considering factors like Recency, Frequency and Monetary rate, we will segment the customers.
  • Combine with Recommendation Framework: Utilize integrative or content-based filtering approach to suggest products after we detect the segments.
  • Integrate with Classification: Here, after we identify the segments, categorization frameworks are developed for forecasting the fresh customer segments.

Allowing industries to modify their plans according to their particular requirements, activities and their choice of various consumer categories is the major aim of our customer segmentation framework. We conclude that, associating with professionals of particular field in businesses will offer effective perception into understanding and performing on the segmentation process.

Customer Segmentation using Machine Learning Project Thesis Topics

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The below listed titles we have developed have a look at it.

Customer Segmentation using Machine Learning Project Ideas
  1. Customer Segmentation using Machine learning Techniques


E-commerce, Machine learning, customer segmentation, Data mining

            Our study carried out a customer segmentation process by using e-commerce data. We employed ensemble method by utilizing Support vector Machine, Logistics Regression, K Nearest Neighbors, Decision Tree, Random Forest, AdaBoost Classifier and Gradient Boosting Classifier to categorize the customers. As a consequence, ensemble framework of aggregated Random Forest, Gradient Boosting and k-Nearest Neighbors achieved highest outcomes.

  1. Customer Segmentation in Retailing using Machine Learning Techniques


Product Segmentation, Clustering, Business, Clients

            To split the customers and goods into various groups by considering several factors is the main goal of our research. We can able to find out the true and loyal customers and interpret the consumer’s buying patterns through the splitting of customers by using various methods. We performed cluster analysis to enhance the efficiency in making decisions and to develop the precise framework. We compared several clustering methods to find out the optimal one.

  1. Machine Learning based prototype for Customer Segmentation using RFM


Customer relationship management, Recency, Frequency, Monetary, K-Means, Davies-Bouldin Index

            An innovative approach is suggested in our article by integrating K-Means and the Davies-Bouldin Index (DBI) to overcome the existing research problems and to find out the appropriate RFM value. We can easily evaluate the RFM values with the help of enormous amount of data. We utilized K-Means technique to generate the optimal RFM value that is based on the best K values of K-Means technique.

  1. A Novel Approach for Customer Segmentation and Product Recommendation to Boost Sales using Machine Learning


K-Means Clustering algorithm, Recommendation Systems, Ensemble Learning, Manifold learning

            Customer communication information and previous sales data are examined in our project to obtain the appropriate factors. We employed an unsupervised ML method named K -Means clustering to acquire various customer clusters and we utilized voting ensemble-related recommendation model to suggest top products to the customers. Our ensemble model comprises of user-based collaborative filtering, LightFM, KNNWithMeans, and neural network methods.

  1. Customer Segmentation Analysis leveraging Machine Learning Algorithms


Cohort Analysis, Pareto Principle, RFM Analysis, Segmentation

            Our study described several types of customer segmentation with applications and its actual world utilization. To understand the customers and offers various suggestions, we utilized several methods such as Cohort Analysis, RFM Analysis and Pareto Principle. We implemented our approach by employing various clustering techniques. In that, Spectral clustering technique provides greater end results.

  1. Customer Segmentation Using Machine Learning


Libraries, Classification, Elbow method, Within-Cluster-Sum of Squared Errors (WCSS)

            By utilizing Streamlit and K-Mean method, we built a web application for customer segmentation to attract the clients. We performed our task by using python with ML methods. The data is loaded and presented in a bar plot and relevant variables are detected. We employed Elbow method to acquire enormous amount of clusters. We input the variables into K-Means and the plot will describes about customers and assist the industries to enhance their profits.

  1. A review on Churn Prediction and Customer Segmentation using Machine Learning


Churn Prediction, Feature Selection, Telecom

            To accomplish an unsupervised task of customer segmentation, we preprocessed, examined and prepared the data to train the model. We selected relevant features by utilizing methods like PCA, information gain and correlation attribute ranking filters and LDA. Then, we carried out supervised binary categorization task named Churn forecasting. By employing various methods, we developed churn forecast and customer segmentation frameworks.

  1. A Hybrid Machine Learning Approach for Customer Segmentation Using RFM Analysis


Online retail, RFM model, Decision tree, Gini index

            Customer segmentation process is carried out in our paper based on the historical purchase pattern of the customers. We cluster the customers by utilizing recency, frequency, monetary (RFM) score and K-Means clustering algorithm. We generate the sub-division of each cluster by employing DT method named Gini Index to improve the segmentation performance. As a result, our suggested integrated framework offers better outcomes in segmentation process.

  1. Customer Segmentation Using Machine Learning


Unsupervised data, Unsupervised Learning, Customer Base

            An aim of our study is to classify customers by considering several factors like age, annual income, expenditure etc, through the use of an unsupervised ML method named K-means clustering. We developed a framework to cluster the customers into groups. We carried out processes like data collection, preprocessing, extraction of features, K-Means implementations, recommended sales plan. We utilized Elbow method to detect the ideal number of groups.

  1. Customer Segmentation in Tourism Industry using Machine Learning Models


Analysis, Bayesian, regression, unsupervised, propagation, accuracy

            A decision-making approach is generated in our article by using histogram, pie charts, and heatmaps. We efficiently make decisions in tourism industries by employing methods like Bayesian Inference, Descriptive Basic and LR Analysis. We produced the clusters of customers by utilizing clustering-based ML framework such as K-means, DBSCAN, Affinity Propagation, Mini Batch K-means and Optics method. In that, Mini Batch K-means outperformed others.


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