Drowsiness Detection Using Machine Learning Project

Drowsiness detection is pivotal, especially in applications like vehicle driving, to prevent accidents caused by drivers falling asleep. The primary input for such systems is usually a video stream, typically focusing on the driver’s face to track signs of drowsiness.

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Here’s how we set up a drowsiness detection system using machine learning:

  1. Objective Definition:
  • Detect drowsiness or signs of fatigue in a person using visual cues (e.g., eye closure) from a video stream.
  1. Data Collection:
  • Video Data: Clips of people showing varying levels of drowsiness, preferably in driving scenarios. Ensure variations in lighting, ethnicity, age, and other factors to increase the model’s generalization.
  • Annotations indicating instances of drowsiness in each video.
  1. Data Preprocessing:
  • Frame Extraction: Convert video data into individual frames.
  • Face & Eye Detection: Use a pre-trained model or Haar cascades to extract the region of interest (i.e., the face and eyes).
  • Normalization: Ensure all input images or regions of interest have a consistent size and scale.
  1. Feature Engineering:
  • Eye Aspect Ratio (EAR): A common metric used to determine if eyes are closed. It’s the ratio of the distance between two sets of vertical eye landmarks to the distance between a set of horizontal eye landmarks.
  • Other facial cues like yawning can also be used.
  1. Model Selection and Training:
  • Traditional ML: With handcrafted features like EAR, you can use SVM, Logistic Regression, or Random Forest.
  • CNN: With raw images or regions of interest, Convolutional Neural Networks can be trained to detect signs of drowsiness directly.
  • Transfer Learning: Utilize architectures like VGG, ResNet, etc., pre-trained on large datasets, and fine-tune them for this task.
  1. Evaluation:
  • Accuracy: How often the model correctly identifies drowsiness.
  • Precision: The importance of not falsely identifying a person as drowsy.
  • Recall: The importance of not missing any drowsy instances.
  • F1-Score: Balance between precision and recall.
  1. Deployment:
  • Real-time drowsiness detection systems can be integrated into vehicle dashcams or other monitoring devices.
  • Ensure the system works efficiently and promptly in real-time scenarios, providing timely alerts.
  1. Post-Deployment Monitoring:
  • Continuously monitor false alarms and undetected instances to further train and refine the model.
  • Ensure that lighting conditions or other environmental factors do not degrade system performance.


  • Diverse Environments: Differing lighting, occlusions, or the driver wearing glasses can pose challenges.
  • Real-time Processing: The system should work efficiently in real-time, with minimal latency.
  • Subjectivity: Some signs of drowsiness can be subtle or vary among individuals.

Extensions/Advanced Approaches:

  • Multi-modal Approach: Integrate other signals like heart rate or steering wheel grip to enhance detection accuracy.
  • Deep Learning for Temporal Data: Use architectures like LSTM or 3D CNNs to process sequential frames, leveraging the temporal information.
  • Alert System: Integrate mechanisms to alert the driver effectively, like audible alarms, seat vibrations, or steering wheel shakes.

Ensuring safety through drowsiness detection is crucial, so rigorous testing and validation in real-world conditions are necessary before deployment.

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Drowsiness Detection Using Machine Learning Project Thesis Topics

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Drowsiness Detection Using Machine Learning Project Topics
  1. Real-time Driver Drowsiness Detection and Assistance System using Machine Learning and IoT


Drowsiness, face, detection system, Internet of Things, sleep, Machine Learning, Haar’s cascade classifier, Image Processing, fatigue, Raspberry Pi

            A major goal of our article is to develop an intelligent processing framework to minimize the road accidents. We analyzed the behaviour of the driver in real time and identified whether the driver is in drowsiness state or not. We utilized ML based technique named Haar cascades and IoT in our research. We analyzed and alerted the driver by transmitting notifications with the help of cloud system and by spraying water if the behaviour of the driver is not stable.

  1. Detection and Analysis of Drowsiness using Machine Learning


Algorithm analysis, Covid, supervised learning

            We constructed an actual time drowsiness identification model by considering the human’s fatigue based on body changes. We utilized data visualization to interpret the sleepy state of the person and the report is transmitted to the person via email. We employed various supervised ML methods such as LR, NB, KNN, and SVM to predict and categorize the sleepiness. As a result, KNN achieved highest outcomes in prediction and categorization process.

  1. Driver Drowsiness Monitoring and Detection using Machine Learning


Feature Extraction, Feature Normalization, Neural Networks, Long Short-Term Memory Network (LSTM), K-Nearest Neighbors (KNN)

            To identify the drowsiness of the person, we utilized ML based approaches in our study. Through the face identification process, we spotted the eye region to identify the drowsiness. Our approach comprises of three steps i.e identification of face, eyes and then drowsiness. We detected the face of the driver by utilizing image processing technique. We employed LSTM-KNN face identification technique. We focused the eye region through EAR approach.

  1. RealD3: A Real-time Driver Drowsiness Detection Scheme Using Machine Learning


Drowsiness detection, Object detection, YOLO, EAR, MAR

            To forecast the driver’s fatigue state, we proposed a framework named RealD3 through the utilization of enhanced ML methods. We employed a camera related video capturing approach to capture driver’s face. To identify the landmarks and facial patterns, we utilized Mediapipe face mesh 468 and YOLO. We categorized driver’s state as drowsiness state or normal state by utilizing PERCLOS. We notified persons by considering EAR and MAR values.

        5.Drowsiness and Lethargy Detection Using Machine Learning Techniques


Eye aspect ratio, Mouth aspect ratio, pupil circularity, nose length, chin length, 3D face mesh, eye closing, rapid eye blinking, yawning, head posing down, head posing up, CNN

            A machine learning based approach is suggested in our research to identify the drowsiness. We extracted the relevant features from real time data by utilizing 3D Face-Mesh. We normalized every feature by considering mean and standard deviation. We developed our system by employing various ML categorization techniques. In that, CNN technique offers better end results in drowsiness identification.

  1. A Machine Learning Based System To Detect Driver Drowsiness


MQ-3 Sensor, Pi-Camera, driver drowsiness, drunk, threshold limit, ignition

            In our study, a combined model is recommended to recognize the fatigue state of the driver through the utilization of MQ-3 sensor, Pi-Camera and ML methodologies. We utilized ML based Long-Short Term Memory method to identify the driver’s state by considering face and mouth region. We detected the drunken state of the driver by using MQ-3 sensor. If the detected value is not within the limited state, an alarm notification will be produced to the driver.

  1. Driver Drowsiness Detection Using OpenCV and Machine Learning Techniques


Open CV, Visual monitoring, SVM

            For drowsiness identification, we build a behavioral framework by employing supervised learning method. We captured the video by utilizing webcam and recognized relevant facial features such as eyes and mouth and also employed ML methods to every frame. We detected the fatigue state in terms of important values like eye aspect ratio and mouth opening ratio. We utilized OpenCV library to identify facial images and alert sound also transmitted to the driver.

  1. Design and Implementation of a Drowsiness Detection System Up to Extended Head Angle Using FaceMesh Machine Learning Solution


Awakeness Detection, FaceMesh Algorithm, Safe Driving

            An innovated framework is suggested in our study to identify the drowsiness of the driver by considering the head position at the time of driving. If we detect any abnormal changes, we alert the driver. We employed FaceMesh ML approach to detect the various positions of driver’s head. We evaluated various face positions to identify the fatigue state. As a consequence, we conclude that, our suggested framework provides efficient results than other existing researches.

  1. A robust and efficient EEG-based drowsiness detection system using different machine learning algorithms


Electroencephalography (EEG), Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA), Support vector machine -RBF (SVM-rbf), Random forest (RF)

            A main objective of our research is to identify the sleepiness state of the driver by recording EEG signals. To evaluate the efficiency of various ML methods such as Naive Bayes, Support Vector Machines, KNN and Random Forest, they are utilized on these EEG signals. Here, we segmented the all captured information. We preprocessed the data to extract only the important features. We state that, our proposed model identifies the drowsiness very effectively.

  1. Machine Learning based Drowsiness Detection in Classrooms


            Our recommended model’s goal is to recognize the drowsiness and mood swings of the students. We utilized several ML methods like SVM, NN, KNN and RF to identify the mood swings. We employed OpenCV library for image processing, computer vision etc. We identified student’s face through the use of Haar cascade method and differentiate the mood swings by considering the eyeball movement. Results show that, NN achieved greater efficiency. 


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