Top Quality Fingerprint Recognition Thesis

The process involved in a fingerprint recognition system is a comparative study of two fingerprint images for a person’s identity recognition. Here, input images are collected from any source like a scanner in grayscale format. And also, fingerprint images should be in high-resolution / 500 ppi. Then, extract important features of fingerprint image and generate a template for comparison. Some examples of patterns are ridge ending, bifurcation, spur, pores, short ridge, etc.  On reading this page, you can get reliable advanced fingerprint recognition thesis topics with other research and thesis writing information!!! 

Outline of Fingerprint Recognition 

Relatively, fingerprint recognition system is effective biometric recognition systems because of their positive impact on system / application security. Moreover, fingerprint sensors are easy to adapt with any device like smart cards, smartphones, personal computers, etc. at a low cost. Due to the high integration facilities and low cost, fingerprint sensors gain more attraction among vendors.

Although fingerprint sensors are advantageous features, fingerprint recognition systems are incorporated with certain technical challenges. These challenges are expected to solve by the most effective solutions. This makes researchers to move in the direction of the fingerprint recognition field to create a new contribution. Further, here we have given you some vital merits of fingerprint recognition systems. 

Top 6 Interesting Fingerprint Recognition Thesis Topics

What are the advantages of fingerprint identification?

  • Simple to practice
  • Maximum precision
  • Less storage space usage
  • Cost-effective method
  • Fully unique identification

Now, we can see about simple steps to implement a fingerprint recognition system. In this, we have collected and processed input images to classify the fingerprint. These steps will further vary based on project requirements. Once you connect with us and choose your inspired fingerprint recognition thesis topics, then we provide you detailed implementation plan for your handpicked project. Only if you are satisfied with the proposed plan, we begin the project development process. If you require any changes like development technology or others, then we take your choice into consideration and fulfill your needs. Let’s see basic procedure for fingerprint identification. 

How to identify fingerprints? 

  • At first, collect the input image from sensor / scanner
  • Then, segment the input image into multiple sub-images and process the segmented images
  • Next, compute the frequency domain for all the sub-images
  • After that, extract and compute features/patterns for each class
  • Then, match the computed through classification algorithm against an already tested image from the database
  • At last, verify the identity of persons in terms of score value of pattern matching
What is fingerprint recognition used for?

In point of fact, fingerprint recognition system is intended to recognize and authenticate unique patterns of fingerprint collected from the individual. At first, it collects the fingerprint image and extracts unique patterns over image. Then, compare the extracted pattern against the stored template for identifying similarity.

Here, the template is nothing but patterns which already stored in database as original identity. If the patterns are matched then the identity of a person is true else false. Also, it is cheaper to install and use over other devices. Further, the fingerprint recognition system is implanted in several real-time applications due to its excellent benefits. Here, we have given you some applications of fingerprint recognition systems.  

Real-time Fingerprint Recognition Systems   

  • Physical Access Control
    • Smart Bank Locker System with Fingerprint Scanner
  • Logical Access Control
    • Fingerprint Recognition Software / Hardware for Computer Accessibility
    • Biometric Authentication System alternative to Loyalty Card Systems
    • Time-based Fingerprint Attendance Management for Large-scale Organization

Next, we can see about different types of advanced patterns and features of human fingerprints. Here, we also mentioned that in what ways these patterns differ from each other. Generally, there are three main patterns such as whorl, arch, and loop. Each pattern has unique characteristics and appearance. Also, these are considered basic patterns for fingerprint recognition.

Our developers have handled several techniques for recognizing and extracting these patterns. And also, we are ready to suggest appropriate techniques for extracting these patterns in your project at any quality of raw input image. Below, we have explained each pattern for your information. 

Fingerprint Patterns and Features for Recognition 


  • whorl
    • In this, ridges create circular formation around mid-point of finger
  • arch
    • In this, ridges enter into one side of the finger and exit on another side of the finger as well as create arch formation in center
  • loop
    • In this, ridges have the same starting point and finishing point as well as create curve formation

In recent research, many scientists have identified that other members from the same person family also have same fingerprint patterns. This means that fingerprints are inherited from the successive generation of family. Further, there also other important minutiae features available over a fingerprint. The features will give insight information of fingerprint for accurate recognition. 

Since it never neglects even a small detail of fingerprint. In general, the unique features of ridges are called minutiae. As well, here we have also given you the set of minutiae features that are globally used in fingerprint recognition systems. Our developers have more than enough training on detecting, processing, and matching all these features. If you are interested to know advanced fingerprint recognition thesis topics related to these features then interact with us.

 Minutiae features

  • Core
    • It represents the circular formation of ridge
  • Ridge Ending
    • It represents sudden terminal point of ridge
  • Delta
    • It represents intersection point of Y-shaped ridge
  • Independent / Short Ridge
    • It represents ridge which has limited travel of distance
  • Dot / Island
    • It represents tiny part of ridge ending / short ridge
  • Cross-over / Bridge 
    • It represents small distance ridge which exist in between of 2 parallel ridges
  • Bifurcation
    • It represents ridge that split into two different ridges like tree branches
  • Spur
    • It represents bifurcation with short ridge which branching from long ridge
  • Ridge Enclosure / Lake
    • It represents one ridge that bi-parties into two ridges and again connect back to one ridge to travel as one ridge

Next, we can see suitable algorithms for fingerprint recognition. Mostly, minutiae-based algorithms are extensively utilized for fingerprint authentication. The main objective of an efficient algorithm is to reduce the number of references for fingerprint matching. Also, it is required to run fast in classifying fingerprints.  

Which algorithm is used for fingerprint recognition?

In fact, there are two types of matching software that are as follows,

  • Pattern Matching Algorithms
  • Minutiae-based Fingerprint Extraction Algorithms

In the above section, we have already seen both of them in a detailed explanation. In short, pattern matching is the comparative study of two fingerprint images for identifying similarities. Likewise, minutiae matching is greatly used to recognize minutiae points. 

Important Algorithms of Fingerprint Recognition

  • Fingerprint Recognition
    • Correlation-oriented
    • Minutiae-oriented
  • Minutiae Feature Extraction 
    • Ridge Dimensional Attributes
    • Global / Local Fingerprint Pattern
    • Minutiae Features
  • Spoof Fingerprint Identification
    • GAN-based Class Classifier
    • Local Binary Pattern
    • Deep Convolutional Neural Network
    • Multi-scale LBP
  • Feature Thinning
    • Dimensionality Reduction
  • Classification Algorithms
    • Rule-based Classifier
    • K-Means
    • Singularity Detection
    • Support Vector Machine
    • Apriori
    • Discrete Fourier Transform
    • Feature Learning
    • Deep Neural Network
    • Graph Theory (Point, ridge flow and ridge flow)

For illustration purposes, here we have taken “minutiae feature extraction” and “fingerprint thinning” as samples.

  • In minutiae feature extraction, ridge dimensional attributes are edge contour, sweat pores, ridge (width, shape, and path deviation), and other geometric details.
  • Global / local fingerprints patterns are arch, whorl, loop (left and right) which also consider pattern type, singular type, and friction ridge direction.

Minutiae features include short ridge, bifurcation, ridge ending, spur, core, etc. In fingerprint thinning, it executes the thinning process. Then, eliminate redundant pixels to acquire skeleton. To the end, fingerprints are thinned successfully.

For the benefit of scholars, now we can see important fingerprint recognition thesis topics. Every topic in this list is collected from top research areas. Further, if you are willing to know innovative research topics from the latest research areas then approach us. Once you take the first step towards us, then we will be with you in every step of your research journey in fingerprint recognition field. So, reach us to know emerging research trends in current fingerprint recognition. Further, we also help you to enhance your own research ideas from your interesting research area.  

Recent Fingerprint Recognition Thesis Topics 

  • Subspace-based Mobile Network Positioning for RF Fingerprints Recognition
  • Double-Identity Fingerprint Recognition for Deep CNN Algorithm
  • Efficient alignment-free Hashing over Fingerprint Image using Fractal Coding
  • Liveness of Fingerprint Identification using Weber Local Binary Descriptor
  • Optical Coherence Tomography and Total Internal Reflection for Synchronized Fingerprint Recognition Techniques

In addition, we have given you some latest fingerprint recognition development tools. All these tools are currently preferred by many developers due to their user-friendliness and graphical representation of the output. Most importantly, all these tools are best in developing both simple and complex fingerprint recognition systems.

Since these tools are vastly furnished with advanced libraries and toolboxes which support all sorts of mathematical functions to extract and match complex patterns in a fingerprint. Also, we have more project topics which sure to attain flawless results in each tool. Further, we also suggest other important tools for your project development.  

Latest Tools for Fingerprint Recognition 

Performance Analysis of Fingerprint Recognition 

Over the past few decades, fingerprint recognition systems are extensively spread several real-world applications. Since, it has unique characteristics than other biometric features such as trustworthiness, durability, acceptability, feasibility, uniqueness, etc.

Overall, fingerprint matching involves both fingerprint recognition and verification. Also, it deals with two main parameters as FNMR and FMR for performance assessment. Further, it is also looking for the best solutions for solving correlation similarities and intra-class correlation variation issues. Here, correlation similarities occur only if there are only whorl, arch, and loop patterns. And, intra-class correlation variations occur due to skin dryness, finger pressure, finger cuts, rotation / misplacement of finger. 

Fingerprint Recognition Performance Metrics  

  • False Rejection Rate (FRR)
    • It is also called as Type 1 error or False Non-Match Rate (FNMR)
    • It is used to measure rate of overall pairs instances of similar fingerprints to match to overall match attempts
  • False Acceptance Rate (FAR)
    • It is also called as Type 2 error or False Match Rate (FMR)
    • It is used to measure rate of overall pairs instances of dissimilar fingerprints to match to overall match attempts
  • Failure to Capture (FTC) Rate
    • It is related to biometric device / sensor that responsible to capture fingerprint in automatic way
    • It is used to measure number of failures in automatically getting biometric
  • ZeroFNMR
    • It is used to measure least value of FMR which means there is no false non-matches
  • Failure to Match (FTM) Rate
    • It is used to measure inability of matching input images against correct template in percentage due to low quality
  • Failure to Enrol (FTE) Rate
    • It is used to measure number of failures in attempting registration over recognition system
    • It is also a trade-off metric which increases while accuracy decreases and vice-versa
    • It mainly happens while performing quality verification over database to ensure only good quality templates

As well, the performance of the fingerprint recognition system can be assessed by means of several parameters. These parameters are used to improve the system performance than other existing systems. For your reference, here we have given you some parameters that are extremely used for fingerprint recognition. 

For illustration purposes, here we have taken FAR and FRR metrics as examples. If FAR increases, then FRR decreases, and If FRR increases, then FAR decrease. So, the values of these metrics are a trade-off to each other. As well, the values of these metrics are specified in percentage values / [0, 1] interval.

Last but not least, now we can see about fingerprint recognition thesis writing. At first, wisely decide your fingerprint recognition topic from the current research area. Then, choose the best research problem and research solutions. Next, develop and execute your research topic in the best development platform. At last, prepare a well-structured fingerprint print thesis for your developed project. We have a native writer team who have a strong technical background in elevating your research findings in the chain of words.

Further, here we have given you some special key questions that you should answer in your thesis. This helps you to upgrade your thesis quality among others. 

Fingerprint Recognition Research Projects

Important Criteria for Fingerprint Recognition

  • What is your selected research problem / issue for fingerprint recognition thesis?
  • What are the reasons to choose this particular problem and why it is significant?
  • In what way, your proposed research create contribution on fingerprint recognition field?
  • Which system architecture and techniques you have used and what are reasons to choose them?
  • In what manner you solved your research problem with its challenges?
  • How efficient your experimental results than existing techniques?
  • How you prove your research point through obtained evidences?
  • What is your contribution in your fingerprint research field?
  • What you are trying conclude about your findings?
  • What is your suggestion for future work?

To the end, we guide you in research, code and thesis for your handpicked fingerprint recognition topic. We promise you that our providing services are trustable in all aspects like quality, novelty, 0% plagiarism, 0% error, etc.

Our developers will provide end-to-end project development support from development tool selection to performance evaluation. In between, we also serve in dataset selection, research problem formulation, solutions selection, coding, and performance evaluation metrics selections. All these project elements will vary from one project to another. When you choose the right things, it will help you to acquire precise results. So, we always do the best things for you to create a flawless project for your research profession.

Moreover, our biometric services are not limited to fingerprint instead they also extend to iris recognition, finger vein recognition, hand vein recognition etc. Based on your, we provide more creative research ideas and fingerprint recognition thesis topics. If you are willing to join our team, then create a bond with us. We are here to help you in reaching your success in your favorite research area of fingerprint recognition.


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