Mobile Communication Projects for Final Year Students & PhD MS Scholars

 The term mobile communication refers to the technology in which data transmission is held in both long and short-range geographical areas. The transceiver and the receiver are the 2 important parties involved in mobile communication. 5G and 6G are the new generation technologies which is the updation of the 4th generation technologies. This article exclusively framed to reveal the interesting and incredible facts comprised in the mobile communication projects with clear explanations”

In the contemporary world, technologies are getting wide scope day by day. In addition to the scope, their merits also getting boom. Mobile communication is one among them and it has numerous aspects to do explore. Doing mobile communication projects will yield you the best results abundantly. At the end of this article, you will become familiar with the concepts covered in the mobile communication system. Shall we start the article with the types of mobile communication systems? Come let’s try to understand them.

Top 6 Research Issues in Mobile Communication Projects

What are the Types of Mobile Communication?

  • Mobile Telephone & Amateur Radio
  • Two-way based Mobile Radio
  • Public Land-based Mobile Radio

The listed above are the major types of mobile communication systems. Two-way-based mobile radio functions in the half-duplex approach and is also known as one of many mobile communication systems. We hope that you are getting the points as explained. Our technical crew wanted to let you know the different mobile communication technologies to make you more understanding of the concept. Are you ready to feed them up? Come let’s go!

Different Mobile Communication Technologies

  • Z WaveRange: ~90 to 100 Ft
    • Data Rate:  40 Kbps
    • Frequency: SubGhz
  • Zigbee
    • Range: ~290 to 300 Ft
    • Data Rate:  250 Kbps
    • Frequency: 2.40 GHz
  • Wi-Fi
    • Range: ~290 to 300 Ft
    • Data Rate: 0.1 to 54 Mbps
    • Frequency: 5 or 2.4 GHz & SubGhz
  • SigFox
    • Range:  Miles
    • Data Rate:  1 Kbps
    • Frequency: SubGhz
  • NB-IoT
    • Range:  Miles
    • Data Rate: 0.1 to 1 Mbps
    • Frequency: Cellular Bands
  • LTE 
    • Range:  Miles
    • Data Rate: 1 to 10 Mbps
    • Frequency: Cellular Bands
  • LORA
    • Range: 1 to 3 Miles
    • Data Rate: 50 Kbps
    • Frequency: SubGhz
  • IEEE 802.15.4
    • Range: 100 Square Miles
    • Data Rate: 40 to 250 Kbps
    • Frequency: 2.4 GHz & SubGhz
  • Bluetooth
    • Range: ~290 to 300 Ft
    • Data Rate: 1 to 3 Mbps
    • Frequency: 2.4 GHz

The aforementioned are some of the emerging technologies used in the Mobile Communication Networks (MCN). It is the assortment of massive nodes, entities, and terminals. The communication between the users and the terminals is enabled by the various links interconnected to that. The term entities refer to the users who are utilizing the portable android and other smart devices to communicate with the other users by means of audio/voice calls and messages. MCN is pillared by the GPRS and GSM. GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Service and GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communication projects. 

As of now, we have seen the overview and the different mobile communication technologies with clear hints. In addition to this coverage, we would also like to mention the two major radio technologies apart from the above listed for the ease of your understanding. In fact, they are playing a vital role in mobile communication systems. Let’s have further explanations in the next section.

Two Major Radio Technologies

  • LTE – Long Term Evolution 
    • LTE helps to improve the MCN’s air interfaces
    • LTE facilitates us to improve the reliable high-speed network
    • LTE gets grouped with the 2nd & 3rd generations & promoted as the 4G
    • LTE techniques ensure the following,
    • Adapts to the future frequency bands
    • Minimizes the bit cost rate
    • Improved user experiences by offering cost-effective services
  • NR – New Radio (5G)
    • 5G NR offers the ultra-Gbps data transmission rates with delay-free
    • It also ensures a reliable network with the best user experiences
    • Its efficiency and performance attracts the newfangled industries
    • 5G NR techniques ensure the following,
    • CO-MIMO & Massive MIMO
    • Pre-coding, OFDMA & FDMA methods
    • Channel synchronization by uplink & downlink

The listed above are the two major technologies mainly used in mobile communication projects. Apart from there are also some other mobile communication technologies are there. We’ve also listed the details for your better understanding.

Other Mobile Communication Technologies
  • WiMAX-A
  • WiMAX
  • LTE-M
  • LTE-A Pro
  • LTE-A

The foregoing passage has revealed to you the other mobile communication technologies. The need for mobile communication systems increased in recent days. As the world is moving to the next generation, the technologies also grow similar to that. The next generation is forecasted with wireless and partially wired communications. Our technical crew is very much sure about these technologies. Because they habitually skill them up in the new technologies. In the subsequent passage, we have given you the list of communication types that supported mobile technologies. Shall we get into that section guys? Come on lets we try to understand them.

Emerging Ideas of Mobile Communication
  • “HD Video” based Transmission
  • “Encryption” based Data Transmission
  • “Audio” based Transmission
  • “Video” based Streaming

The listed above are the common communication systems supported by mobile technologies. A wireless mobile communication system assures us to transmit data without any cables. These systems ensure real-time navigations, speed, and reliable multifunctioning technologies by means of the internet.

As you know that, every technology is subject to various issues. When it comes to research it is countless. Likewise, a mobile communication system also faces some issues while researching. Come let’s try to understand the same in the following passage for your better understanding.

Research Issues in Mobile Communication Projects

  • High Power Consumptions/Ingestions
  • Lack of Location Privacy
  • Ineffective User Interfaces
  • Health Hazards of Network
  • Transmission Interventions
  • Ineffective Security Standards
  • Low Bandwidth

The itemized above are the research issues that arise in the mobile communication system. However, we can overcome these issues by interacting with the subject matter experts of our concern because we do have unique and significant techniques and methods to eliminate each and every demerit of the system.

Our technical team wanted to educate you about the requirements of an effective mobile communication system. We’ve enumerated the details with clear bulletin points to make you much wiser. Are you ready to know about the requirements? Let us have the discussion!!! 

What are the requirements for effective mobile communication?

  • Reliable & Latency-free Future Generation Networks
  • Machine Type-based Communication Systems
  • Numerous User Supports
  • Minimum Power Consumption
  • Effective System Capacity
  • Huge Demand Endwise System Performance

The above listed are some of the important requisites of mobile communication systems. Apart from this delay-free, data rates experienced by the users and the connectivity ratio are also important to the effective mobile communication system. These can be achieved by integrating the massive small cells in the 6G, 5G & B5G.

Innovative mobile communication researches concentrated on the cost-effective, energy-efficient, and spectral solutions in the upcoming technologies such as 5G and 6G to enhance the performance of the technologies. In this regard, let us discuss the latest trends in mobile communication. 

Latest Trends of Mobile Communication

  • Imaging / Sensing THz/RF Electronics
  • Wire-line/Wireless Communication by Analog Circuit Models
  • Ultra Performing Senders & Receivers (Tx & Rx)
  • Radio Frequency Transceivers with High-performance
  • 5G & 6G Heterogeneous Computing Systems
  • Spectrum-Efficient Telecommunication Technologies
  • Positioning Telecommunication Technologies
  • EMBB, URLLC, & MMTC in 5G & 6G Technologies
  • Wearable IoT Devices in Telecommunication
  • Machine & Deep Learning Technologies in Telecommunication

These are the latest trends in mobile communication systems. In fact, mobile communication systems get concreted with the convergence-oriented aspects. Besides, research in this area would possible for numerous challenges. Hence it is important to consider the algorithms, innovative techniques, structural designs. Let’s look into the immediate section for your better understanding.

  • Visualizing Convergence by Indexing & Searching
  • Improved Control Panel for Wireless & Mobile Systems
  • Smart Cellular Mobile Identity Management
  • Smart Devices’ Feature Validations
  • Mobile Users Smart Authorization & Authentication
  • Wireless Communication System by 2 Way Authentication

As of now, we have debated all the needed areas of mobile communication projects. If you are having any doubts in the stated and other areas you can approach our researches at any time. In fact, we are delighted to serve in the areas of mobile communication and other technologies. We do encourage our students to explore more in technology with different perspectives.

In the following passage, we can have a discussion about the 5th generation technologies in the mobile communication system with clear explanations. Can we have the next section? Come on guys lets we move on!!! 

5G Mobile Communication 

  • 5G ensures reliable and high-speed data transmissions across the world
  • It also offers latency-free and better user experiences with multi Gbps

As we are already discussed the 5G technology, here we listed important points. In fact, our technical team is experimenting on the 5th generation and 6th generation technologies to inject the innovations into it. Our experts wanted to transfer their knowledge in the fields of 5G mobile communication projects for the ease of your understanding. 

Next Generation (5G) Mobile Communications

  • Beamforming & Multi-antenna Models
  • Co-operative Communication Systems
  • M2M & D2D Communication Techniques
  • Actuator & Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Cognitive Radio Networks
  • Self-assisting or Deploying Networks
  • Energy Efficiency & Green Communications
  • Software-Defined Networking (SDN) & Network Virtualizations
  • Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Smart Cities
  • IoT based Protocols, Applications & Architectures
  • Small Cells & Heterogeneous Networks

The aforesaid are some of the 5G mobile communication technologies. Apart from this, there are various aspects are there. If you do want more details in this area you could have suggestions from our experts. They will lend their helping hands to understand you. Do you know? 6G technologies are also experimented with by top researchers all over the world. Shall we have an overview of the 6G mobile communication? Come on guys lets we try to understand them. 

6G Mobile Communication

  • It is updated to the 5th generation technology
  • Compared to the 5G it is more capable of handling the high frequencies
  • The capacity of the 6G beats out the 5G by effective data rates

This is the overview of the 6G technology. 5G / 6G / B5G are key factors that determine the development of the technologies presented in the world. In this regard, let us discuss the emerging technologies of the 6G. It can be renovated in the prevailing 5G technologies. Some of them have mentioned in the below section. Let’s get tuned with us to know the important aspects of 6G. 

Emerging Technologies for 6G

  • Dense Networks   
    • Spectrums can be effectively used by reducing the cell sizes
    • Femtocells offer the appropriate techniques to function in macro-network
  • MmWave Technologies
    • Spectrums can be expanded by utilizing higher frequencies
    • It leads to an effective wide range of bandwidth
    • Bandwidth & data rates can be enriched to apt with the 6G
    • Terahertz (THz) is also expandable according to the 6G
  • Massive MIMO
    • Wi-Fi & LTE is supported by the MIMO
    • It facilitates to integrate of massive antennas in a single device (microwave)
    • Wavelength is determined by the antenna spaces & sizes

These are some of the major technologies which could be further developed in accordance with future technologies such as 5G and 6G. Apart from this, there are some other technologies also to be considered. Let’s also look into that!!!

  • Duplex in 5G & 6G 
    • Duplex candidate forms are taken into account in 6G developments
    • Time Division Duplex (TDD)/Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) used in the existing systems
    • Allotted frequencies are variable based on the load’s direction
    • Innovative duplex schemes are single channel full duplex & division free duplex
    • It ensures the responsive and concurrent transmission of the channels
  • Modulation   
    • QAM, PSK & APSK are the best modulation schemes
    • It facilitates to operate the spectrums in an effective way
    • APSK does have a lower Peak to Average Power Ratio (PAPR)
    • It acts as the final amplifier in the MCN
  • Waveforms
    • Wireless communication systems widely use the waveforms
    • 4G & 5G wireless systems make use of the OFDM techniques
    • Instances of waveforms such as Universal Filtered Multicarrier (UFMC), Filter Bank Multi-Carrier (FBMC) & Generalized Frequency Division Multiplexing (GFDM)
  • Future Physical / MAC
    • Innovated MAC & physical layers ensure the innovative potentials in numerous areas
  • Multiple Access Schemes
    • It is the newfangled scheme of the 6G technology

The above listed are the major and important prevailing technologies that can be newfangled according to the new technologies such as 5G and 6G. We hope that you would have understood the things as of now listed. As our technical team is fully concentrated on the students’ welfare they are delighted to transfer their knowledge in the fields of emerging technologies. In addition to that, we are always offering some innovative features in every project and research execution. In the upcoming area, we’ve clearly stated how we support mobile communication projects. Are you ready to know about us?  

Mobile Communication Projects for Final Year students

Our Supportive Features for Mobile Communication

  • Accurate Evaluation Parameters
  • Clear Descriptions for mobile communication metrics
  • Suitable Mobile Technology
  • All information about mobile communication is given

Up to now, we have debated on the necessary areas covered in the mobile communication projects. In fact, this article is framed to offer the essential concepts consisted in the mobile communication technology. If you do have any doubts or need any clarifications in this section you could always reach our experts at any time. We are always there to help you out!!!



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