Some of the latest NLP Case Study Topics that we worked are listed below, you can get any types of research ideas on NLP from our experts. All your work will be kept confidential we work in a way which is our major principle ethics. On the basis of numerous domains, we provide most prominent topics along with potential research queries and dataset:

  1. Sentiment Analysis for Customer Feedback on E-commerce Platforms
  • Explanation: To expose perceptions regarding customer fulfilment and product quality, aim to examine customer ratings and feedback.
  • Research Queries:
  • What influence does review language and writing style have on sentiment classification precision?
  • In what way can sentiment analysis assist to detect patterns and repetitive problems in customer review?
  • Potential Dataset:
  • Yelp Reviews, Amazon Customer Reviews
  1. Named Entity Recognition in Clinical Notes for Healthcare Insights
  • Explanation: Focus on obtaining medical entities such as treatment, diseases from clinical notes in order to enhance patient care.
  • Research Queries:
  • What problems occur in entity extraction from unorganized clinical notes?
  • How can NER be utilized to support in the patient analysis and treatment suggestions?
  • Potential Dataset:
  • MIMIC-III Clinical Database
  1. Fake News Detection on Social Media Platforms
  • Explanation: Specifically, on environments such as Facebook and Twitter, aim to detect and categorize false news articles and posts.
  • Research Queries:
  • What influence does adversarial deception have on previous identification frameworks?
  • How do linguistic signals and network characteristics dedicate to precise fake news identification?
  • Potential Dataset:
  • FakeNewsNet, LIAR Dataset
  1. Legal Document Classification for Contract Analysis
  • Explanation: For effective contract analysis and review, categorize judicial documents into appropriate types.
  • Research Queries:
  • What contribution does fine-tuning play in enhancing classification precision for judicial terminologies?
  • How can document classification frameworks facilitate contract analysis in judicial companies?
  • Potential Dataset:
  • LexNP Dataset, Legal Case Reports
  1. Multilingual Translation in Cross-Border E-commerce
  • Explanation: To improve product lists and user feedback, develop a multilingual translation model.
  • Research Queries:
  • What issues occur in sustaining translation coherency among low-resource languages?
  • How does the translation of product explanations impact consumer purchasing choices?
  • Potential Dataset:
  • Europarl Corpus, OPUS (Open Parallel Corpus)
  1. Conversational AI in Customer Support for Telecom Services
  • Explanation: A chatbot has to be constructed in such a manner that contains the capability to computerize customer assistance for usual telecom service problems.
  • Research Queries:
  • What policies are more efficient in managing multi-turn conversation with unclear consumer inputs?
  • How can conversational AI enhance customer fulfilment and decrease support expenses?
  • Potential Dataset:
  • The possible dataset is custom-built dialogue corpus from telecom customer assistant.
  1. Opinion Mining for Political Sentiment Analysis
  • Explanation: By means of employing social media data, focus on investigating public sentiments on political topics.
  • Research Queries:
  • What limitations occur in differentiating irony, sarcasm, and fake claims in political discussions?
  • How can opinion mining offer perceptions into public behaviour towards political participants and strategies?
  • Potential Dataset:
  • PoliticalNews Dataset, Twitter Election Data
  1. Topic Modeling in Academic Literature Review Automation
  • Explanation: To outline and categorize academic papers in certain research regions, it is beneficial to employ topic modelling.
  • Research Queries:
  • What are the problems in outlining and categorizing interdisciplinary research papers?
  • In what way can topic modelling help researchers in rapidly identifying related literature?
  • Potential Dataset:
  • ACL Anthology, ArXiv Academic Papers
  1. Automatic Speech Recognition for Accessibility in Public Services
  • Explanation: An ASP model has to be deployed to translate public service declarations for ease of use.
  • Research Queries:
  • What issues occur in managing background noise and various tones in ASR?
  • How can speech identification enhance information availability for inhabitants with hearing damages?
  • Potential Dataset:
  • TED-LIUM Release 3, LibriSpeech ASR Corpus
  1. Neural Machine Translation for Technical Manuals and Documentation
  • Explanation: Mainly, for technical documents among numerous languages, aim to create a translation framework.
  • Research Queries:
  • How can machine translation modernize the procedure of translating technical instructions for universal markets?
  • What limitations occur in translating domain-specific terminology and setting?
  • Potential Dataset:
  • Europarl Corpus, WMT Translation Task
  1. Summarization of Financial Reports for Investment Insights
  • Explanation: To develop brief outlines of financial documents, focus on utilizing automatic text summarization approaches.
  • Research Queries:
  • What contribution do extractive and abstractive summarization algorithms play in financial text summarization?
  • How can summarization systems help investors in rapidly interpreting financial welfare?
  • Potential Dataset:
  • Financial News Articles, Edgar SEC Filings
  1. Entity Linking in Research Papers for Knowledge Graph Construction
  • Explanation: It is approachable to deploy entity linking to construct knowledge graphs from unorganized research papers.
  • Research Queries:
  • What issues occur in addressing entity unclearness and synonyms among research papers?
  • How can entity linking improve knowledge graphs extensiveness and precision in certain fields?
  • Potential Dataset:
  • Microsoft Academic Graph, PubMed Articles
  1. Text-Based Hate Speech Detection in Online Communities
  • Explanation: In online groups and social media, detect and categorize examples of hate speech.
  • Research Queries:
  • In what way can language frameworks be adjusted to decrease false positives and enhance identification precision?
  • What linguistic and network characteristics are most efficient in identifying hate speech?
  • Potential Dataset:
  • Stormfront Corpus, HateXplain Dataset
  1. Open-Domain Dialogue Generation for Educational Tutoring
  • Explanation: To offer training on different academic topics, aim to develop an open-domain dialogue model.
  • Research Queries:
  • What problems occur in sustaining actual precision and significance in open-domain training?
  • How efficient are transformer-related systems in producing precise and consistent academic reactions?
  • Potential Dataset:
  • The possible dataset is custom-built dialogue corpus along with educational Q&A pairs.
  1. Predictive Text Generation for News Article Recommendations
  • Explanation: In order to forecast and suggest related news articles, it is appreciable to employ text generation frameworks.
  • Research Queries:
  • How can predictive text generation enhance news article suggestions for customized feeds?
  • What limitations happen in removing deception and low-quality content?
  • Potential Dataset:
  • News Category Dataset, New York Times Annotated Corpus

Is sentiment analysis a good topic for an MS thesis? What are the hot topics in this area?

In contemporary years, there are several topics that are progressing based on sentiment analysis. But some are determined as best and suitable for an MS thesis. We offer few advanced and efficient topics the exist in this region:

Sentiment Analysis for an MS Thesis: An Overview


  • Applicability: Encompassing a wide range of applications in consumer feedback analysis, political opinion mining, social media tracking, and more, sentiment analysis is determined as a prevalent domain.
  • Research Chances: In solving limitations such as cross-domain adaptation, multimodal sentiment analysis, and sarcasm identification, there are several chances to offer solutions.
  • Data Accessibility: Specifically, for study usages, numerous public datasets like Yelp Reviews, IMDb Movie Reviews, and Twitter Sentiment140 are easily accessible.


  • Language Ambiguity: Generally, sentiment analysis becomes complicated due to irony, idioms, and sarcasm.
  • Domain-Specific Vocabulary: Expert vocabulary and embedding are the major requirements for various fields such as financial, medical.
  • Bias and Fairness: Normally, frameworks might represent unfairness, thereby influencing their generalization and objectivity.

Hot Topics in Sentiment Analysis

  1. Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis (ABSA)
  • Explanation: Instead of offering a single complete sentiment, this study examines sentiment towards certain factors such as characteristics of an entity.
  • Problems:
  • Sentiment polarity categorization.
  • Fine-grained factor extraction.
  • Research Queries:
  • How can pre-trained frameworks such as BERT be adjusted for ABSA?
  • How can deep learning frameworks enhance factor extraction and polarity categorization?
  1. Multilingual and Cross-Lingual Sentiment Analysis
  • Explanation: The sentiment analysis systems have to be constructed in such a manner that perform among numerous languages and for low-resource languages.
  • Problems:
  • By means of constrained tagged data, aim to manage low-resource languages.
  • Cross-lingual transfer of sentiment analysis frameworks.
  • Research Queries:
  • What data augmentation policies can enhance sentiment analysis in low-resource languages?
  • How efficient are multilingual embeddings for cross-lingual sentiment analysis?
  1. Sarcasm and Irony Detection
  • Explanation: Mostly, the main aim of this study is to identify ironic and sarcastic suggestions, that convey the differing sentiment of their exact meaning.
  • Problems:
  • Contextual analysis among numerous descriptions.
  • Interpreting implicit sarcasm.
  • Research Queries:
  • How can multimodal systems enhance sarcasm identification?
  • What contribution do external knowledge bases play in interpreting irony and sarcasm?
  1. Sentiment Analysis in Short Texts and Social Media
  • Explanation: It is approachable to examine sentiment in Facebook posts, tweets, and other concise terminologies.
  • Problems:
  • Noise because of unrelated content.
  • Informal language, abbreviations, and spelling mistakes.
  • Research Queries:
  • How can pre-trained frameworks be adjusted for noisy and concise text sentiment analysis?
  • What feature engineering approaches can enhance sentiment classification precision?
  1. Explainable Sentiment Analysis Models
  • Explanation: To offer understandable descriptions for their sentiment forecasting, aim to construct suitable frameworks.
  • Problems:
  • Stabilizing understandability with system effectiveness.
  • Producing precise and human-readable descriptions.
  • Research Queries:
  • Can understandable systems detect and reduce unfairness in sentiment analysis?
  • How efficient are attention technologies and LIME for sentiment system understandability?
  1. Domain Adaptation for Sentiment Analysis
  • Explanation: In order to adjust sentiment systems among fields that are from movie reviews to healthcare, it is beneficial to employ transfer learning approaches.
  • Problems:
  • Scarcity of tagged data in the focus discipline.
  • Important vocabulary and language style variations among fields.
  • Research Queries:
  • What contribution do domain-specific word embedding play in enhancing sentiment transfer learning?
  • How can adversarial training enhance system adaptation among fields?
  1. Multimodal Sentiment Analysis
  • Explanation: Generally, images, audio, and text have to be integrated to examine sentiment.
  • Problems:
  • From numerous types, aim to coordinate and combine data.
  • In certain settings, it is better to detect leading types.
  • Research Queries:
  • In what way can multimodal transformers enhance sentiment analysis among images, audio, and text?
  • What policies can efficiently manage modality-specific noise?
  1. Sentiment Analysis in Financial Texts
  • Explanation: For market sentiment perceptions, examine financial reports, news articles, and social media posts.
  • Problems:
  • Combining market patterns and external data.
  • Financial idiom and unclearness.
  • Research Queries:
  • What influence does multimodal data (text + numerical) have on financial sentiment categorization?
  • How can market patterns and financial signals enhance sentiment analysis systems?
  1. Sentiment Analysis for Mental Health Monitoring
  • Explanation: To track health situations on the basis of clinical notes and social media, it is appreciable to employ sentiment analysis frameworks.
  • Problems:
  • Distinguishing among usual and pathological sentiment variations.
  • Complex and private essence of the data.
  • Research Queries:
  • What issues occur in employing sentiment analysis for clinical decision assistance?
  • How can sentiment analysis frameworks detect earlier indications of psychological welfare problems?
  1. Sentiment Analysis in Conversations (Dialogue Systems)
  • Explanation: Specifically, for virtual assistants, dialogue models, and consumer support, aim to investigate sentiment in conversational data.
  • Problems:
  • Managing combined sentiments and differing user objectives.
  • Interpreting sentiment variations among numerous conversation turns.
  • Research Queries:
  • How efficient are content-based embeddings for multi-turn sentiment analysis?
  • What contribution do reinforcement learning and user feedback play in enhancing sentiment forecasting?
NLP Case Study Projects

NLP Case Study Ideas

Looking for Novel NLP case study ideas? We have a team of experts who are passionate about research and have a deep understanding of various areas in NLP. Whether you need guidance or have specific research issues, we are here to help you make informed choices with confidence and foresight. Share your interests and let us provide you with complete guidance. Let’s explore the trending topics together and uncover new possibilities in NLP!

  1. Microvascular Decompression and Trigeminal Neuralgia: Patient Sentiment Analysis Using Natural Language Processing
  2. Increasing access to cognitive screening in the elderly: Applying natural language processing methods to speech collected over the telephone
  3. Basic Artificial Intelligence Techniques: Natural Language Processing of Radiology Reports
  4. Combining natural language processing and bayesian networks for the probabilistic estimation of the severity of process safety events in hydrocarbon production assets
  5. Natural language processing for under-resourced languages: Developing a Welsh natural language toolkit
  6. Using natural language processing to identify opioid use disorder in electronic health record data
  7. Automatic classification and prioritisation of actionable BI-RADS categories using natural language processing models
  8. An End-to-End Natural Language Processing System for Automatically Extracting Radiation Therapy Events From Clinical Texts
  9. Natural language processing versus rule-based text analysis: Comparing BERT score and readability indices to predict crowdfunding outcomes
  10. An introduction to Deep Learning in Natural Language Processing: Models, techniques, and tools
  11. Natural Language Processing for systems engineering: Automatic generation of Systems Modelling Language diagrams
  12. Applying Natural Language Processing for detecting malicious patterns in Android applications
  13. Natural Language Processing for the identification of Human factors in aviation accidents causes: An application to the SHEL methodology
  14. External Validation of Natural Language Processing Algorithms to Extract Common Data Elements in THA Operative Notes
  15. Automation of penicillin adverse drug reaction categorisation and risk stratification with machine learning natural language processing
  16. Generating textual emergency plans for unconventional emergencies — A natural language processing approach
  17. Machine learning and Natural Language Processing of social media data for event detection in smart cities
  18. Graph-based research field analysis by the use of natural language processing: An overview of German energy research
  19. Comparison of BERT implementations for natural language processing of narrative medical documents
  20. Enhancing Industry 4.0 standards interoperability via knowledge graphs with natural language processing


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