NLP stands for Natural Language Processing. There are several NLP projects that are progressing in contemporary years. We have all professional writers and researchers to carry out your research. On all areas of NLP, we cover by sharing original NLP TOPICS as per your taste. current challenges in the research field are overcome by our experts very tactically. But some are determined as efficient. Together with brief explanation, limitations, datasets, and applications, we offer few prominent NLP projects:

  1. Sentiment Analysis in Social Media
  • Explanation:
  • To examine the sentiment such as positive, negative, neutral, this study encompasses the exploration of social media terminologies like tweets, Facebook posts.
  • The process of interpreting public decisions and forecasting customer activities are the major objectives of this domain.
  • Problems:
  • Field enactment, for instance navigating from product analysis to social media.
  • Management of sarcasm, slang, irony, and unclear setting.
  • Datasets:
  • Sentiment140: On the basis of characters and symbols, tweets are tagged as positive or negative.
  • Dataset
  • Semeval 2017 Task 4: It is a twitter sentiment analysis dataset that is obtained from International Workshop on Semantic Assessment.
  • Dataset
  • Applications:
  • Political trend forecasting, consumer feedback exploration, and brand tracking.
  1. Named Entity Recognition (NER) for Biomedical Texts
  • Explanation:
  • From biomedical study, obtains named entities such as genes, disorders, chemicals, and drugs.
  • For gathering knowledge bases and enabling biomedical study, this study is examined as significant.
  • Problems:
  • Complicated language, meanings, and diverse writing formats are the challenge of this research.
  • Datasets:
  • BioCreative II: Typically, this dataset concentrates on gene mention identification.
  • Dataset
  • BC5CDR: The main aim of this is to detect chemical-disease connections in PubMed articles.
  • Dataset
  • Applications:
  • Literature mining for drug detection, clinical decision assistance.
  1. Machine Translation for Low-Resource Languages
  • Explanation:
  • The process of converting text from one language into another language is encompassed in Machine Translation (ML).
  • By means of constrained training data, enhancing translation precision for languages is the key consideration of this project.
  • Problems:
  • The key problem is there is scarcity of parallel corpora, idiomatic terminologies, and traditional variations.
  • Datasets:
  • Flores-101: For 101 languages, it is a multilingual dataset.
  • Dataset
  • OPUS (Open Parallel Corpus): The OPUS dataset is the set of parallel writings in numerous languages.
  • Dataset
  • Applications:
  • Conserving vulnerable languages, cross-lingual interaction.
  1. Fake News Detection
  • Explanation:
  • To detect deception or falsification, this study includes the procedure of constructing systems.
  • Mostly, it depends on network architecture and linguistic signals.
  • Problems:
  • Detecting novel deception patterns, distinguishing sarcasm from fraudulence news.
  • Datasets:
  • LIAR: Specifically, for accuracy it offers tagged brief descriptions.
  • Dataset
  • FakeNewsNet: It is defined as a social media-related fraud news dataset.
  • Dataset
  • Applications:
  • Public protection, social media moderation, and journalism.
  1. Question Answering (QA) in Conversational Agents
  • Explanation:
  • The key objective of the QA models is to reply to queries that are created in natural language.
  • Mainly, conversational QA concentrates on multi-turn dialogues.
  • Problems:
  • Knowledge incorporation, context monitoring, and multi-turn reasoning are examined as major challenges.
  • Datasets:
  • SQuAD (Stanford Question Answering Dataset): On Wikipedia articles, it offers questions and answers.
  • Dataset
  • QuAC: Encompassing context-rich multi-turn queries, it is a conversational QA dataset.
  • Dataset
  • Applications:
  • Consumer assistance, digital assistants, and academic tools.
  1. Text Summarization
  • Explanation:
  • This study has the capability to carry out automatic generation of brief outlines from lengthy text.
  • The two major kinds of text summarization are abstractive which produce novel descriptions and the extractive that choose main descriptions.
  • Problems:
  • The way of creating clear and content-based precise overviews.
  • Datasets:
  • CNN/Daily Mail: This is a dataset in which news articles are connected with human-generated outlines.
  • Dataset
  • XSum: It provides articles and single-sentence outlines that are obtained from BBC.
  • Dataset
  • Applications:
  • Document search, judicial document exploration, news aggregation.
  1. Language Modeling for Code Generation
  • Explanation:
  • To interpret and produce programming code, encompasses the way of instructing language frameworks.
  • In automated code generation, debugging, and code attainment, it is very supportive.
  • Problems:
  • The process of managing syntax mistakes, multi-language interpretation, and logic errors.
  • Datasets:
  • CodeSearchNet: This dataset includes a huge dataset of operations and their natural language statements.
  • Dataset
  • APPS: Normally, APPS dataset stands for Automated Programming Progress Standard benchmark.
  • Dataset
  • Applications:
  • Automated testing, programming assistance, and code completion.
  1. Bias and Fairness in NLP Models
  • Explanation:
  • Focus on investigating unfairness in NLP systems and directions to reduce them.
  • The unfairness in the NLP model could be on the basis of topic-based or demographic such as gender, ethnicity.
  • Problems:
  • Assuring objectivity without convincing precision, detecting delicate unfairness are the significant challenges.
  • Datasets:
  • WinoBias: This is examined as the coreference resolution dataset which is able to identify gender unfairness.
  • Dataset
  • StereoSet: In the NLP framework, it is utilized to identify conventional unfairness.
  • Dataset
  • Applications:
  • Impartial decision-making in healthcare, objectivity recruitment procedures.
  1. Topic Modeling and Document Clustering
  • Explanation:
  • From a set of terminologies, obtains thematic architectures.
  • By means of the same themes, document clustering groups terminologies.
  • Problems:
  • The main problem is the process of managing noisy data, identifying eloquent and understandable topics.
  • Datasets:
  • 20 Newsgroups: It is a standard dataset of documents that are tagged by topic in an explicit manner.
  • Dataset
  • Reuters-21578: Specifically, for topic designing it offers news articles along with types.
  • Dataset
  • Applications:
  • News aggregation, academic literature exploration, and market research.
  1. Emotion Recognition in Speech and Text
  • Explanation:
  • Emotions that are conveyed in terminologies and speech are detected.
  • Mostly, text-related frameworks depend on sentiment analysis approaches.
  • Problems:
  • The challenge of this research is content-based emotion interpretation, speaker-dependant difference.
  • Datasets:
  • IEMOCAP: Specifically, for emotion categorization, IEMOCAP is a speech and video dataset.
  • Dataset
  • GoEmotions: It is determined as a text dataset, encompassing 27 types of emotion.
  • Dataset
  • Applications:
  • Sentiment analysis, mental health tracking, and virtual agent model.

Where do you get datasets for NLP research projects?

There are numerous resources to gain datasets for different missions, while carrying out NLP study. The following are few of the most usual areas where you can identify datasets for NLP research projects:

Public Dataset Repositories

  1. Kaggle Datasets:
  • Among numerous NLP missions such as text categorization, sentiment analysis, etc, provides an extensive scope of datasets.
  • Kaggle NLP Datasets
  1. Google Dataset Search:
  • It is examined as an expert search engine for datasets.
  • Google Dataset Search
  1. Hugging Face Datasets:
  • This dataset is directly incorporated along with the datasets Python library. It also includes numerous NLP datasets.
  • Hugging Face Datasets
  1. UCI Machine Learning Repository:
  • It is a standard repository which contains the capability to provide few text categorization datasets.
  • UCI Datasets
  1. AWS Open Data Registry:
  • It includes gathered datasets, few are relevant to NLP such as large corpora.
  • AWS Registry

Specialized NLP Benchmark Datasets

  1. GLUE Benchmark:
  • Along with various NLP missions, it is a General Language Understanding Evaluation benchmark.
  • GLUE
  1. SuperGLUE Benchmark:
  • Typically, SuperGLUE is the most captivating enhancement to GLUE.
  • SuperGLUE
  1. XTREME Benchmark:
  • Cross-lingual Transfer Evaluation of multilingual tasks.

NLP Conference Data

  1. ACL Anthology:
  • Specifically, in workshops such as CoNLL and Semeval, papers offer datasets.
  • ACL Anthology
  1. Semeval Challenges:
  • Open datasets are offered by a sequence of semantic expression assessment challenges.
  • Semeval Datasets
  1. CoNLL Shared Tasks:
  • It mainly concentrates on NLP missions such as the dependence parsing, NER, etc.
  • CoNLL Datasets

Specific Dataset Sources (Task-Based)

  1. Sentiment Analysis:
  • Sentiment140: Twitter sentiment analysis dataset.
  • Dataset
  • IMDb Movie Reviews: Positive/negative sentiment categorization.
  • Dataset
  1. Named Entity Recognition (NER):
  • CoNLL 2003: Named entity recognition in German and English.
  • Dataset
  • OntoNotes 5.0: It is determined as a multilingual NER dataset.
  • Dataset
  1. Question Answering (QA):
  • SQuAD: The SQuAD dataset stands for Stanford Question Answering Dataset.
  • Dataset
  • TriviaQA: As Trivia encompasses question-answer pairs, it is examined as a question answering dataset.
  • Dataset
  1. Machine Translation (MT):
  • WMT: Workshop on Machine Translation.
  • Dataset
  • Europarl Corpus: Contains parallel corpora that are extracted from the European Parliament.
  • Dataset
  1. Fake News Detection:
  • LIAR: For accuracy, provides tagged concise descriptions.
  • Dataset
  • FakeNewsNet: It is determined as a social media-related fake news dataset.
  • Dataset
  1. Text Summarization:
  • CNN/Daily Mail: Offers news articles together with outlines.
  • Dataset
  • XSum: Articles and outlines from BBC.
  • Dataset
  1. Speech and Audio Processing:
  • LibriSpeech: Audiobook corpus for ASR missions.
  • Dataset
  • IEMOCAP: It is examined as a multimodal emotion identification dataset.
  • Dataset
NLP Projects

NLP Topics For Research Students

Lately, there has been a surge in the popularity of NLP, with our technical team successfully conducting research and implementing projects. Our structured NLP processes are key to achieving success. Research students can delve into various NLP topics with the help of to gain valuable insights. Discover the areas we focus on!

  1. Natural Language Processing Applied to Clinical Documentation in Post-acute Care Settings: A Scoping Review
  2. Profiling support in literacy development: Use of natural language processing to identify learning needs in higher education
  3. Application of Natural Language Processing in Total Joint Arthroplasty: Opportunities and Challenges
  4. Natural language processing-driven framework for the early detection of language and cognitive decline
  5. Automated monitoring applications for existing buildings through natural language processing based semantic mapping of operational data and creation of digital twins
  6. Natural Language Processing Reveals Research Trends and Topics in The Spine Journal Over Two Decades: A Topic Modeling Study
  7. Pedagogical discourse markers in online algebra learning: Unraveling instructor’s communication using natural language processing
  8. An integrated deep learning and natural language processing approach for continuous remote monitoring in digital health
  9. Analysis of spontaneous speech in Parkinson’s disease by natural language processing
  10. Natural language processing in radiology: Clinical applications and future directions
  11. Natural Language Processing for the Ascertainment and Phenotyping of Left Ventricular Hypertrophy and Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy on Echocardiogram Reports
  12. Identifying epilepsy surgery candidates with natural language processing: A systematic review
  13. Natural language processing for innovation search – Reviewing an emerging non-human innovation intermediary
  14. Application of natural language processing in residential building defects analysis: Australian stakeholders’ perceptions, causes and types
  15. A Natural Language Processing System using CWS Pipeline for Extraction of Linguistic Features
  16. A survey on multimodal bidirectional machine learning translation of image and natural language processing
  17. Exploring the frontiers of deep learning and natural language processing: A comprehensive overview of key challenges and emerging trends
  18. Comparing natural language processing (NLP) applications in construction and computer science using preferred reporting items for systematic reviews (PRISMA)
  19. Differential Expression of Anomalous Self-Experiences in Spontaneous Speech in Clinical High-Risk and Early-Course Psychosis Quantified by Natural Language Processing
  20. The emergent role of artificial intelligence, natural learning processing, and large language models in higher education and research


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