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The truth is that- WiFi is a growing technology that can be collaborated with any other networking standards

Active Topics in WiFi network

  • WiFi for virtual as well as augmented reality
  • 4K/8K, Ultra-HD, and mobile streaming
  • Online gaming through a WiFi network
  • Ubiquitous wireless connectivity
  • URLLC and D-to-D communications
  • OFDMA optimization for 802.11ax
  • Uplink and downlink research on MIMO
  • Optimized MAC in 802.11ac and 802.11ax
  • WiFi 6 network for future 5G

PhD Projects in WiFi Network

In addition to all of the above topics for PhD projects in wifi network, we also welcome your own ideas. We will give ‘equal importance to your novelties too.’

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To be sure, the coming up years will “address as much as growth in the WiFi” technology. Therefore, we wish you to pick WiFi as your field. Consequently, you will gain huge success as well as a good grade in your studies for PhD Projects in wifi network.

PhD Projects in WiFi network PhD Projects in WiFi network

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You can contact for WiFi Network for adoring your project in the following incredible ideas,

An innovative mechanism for Improving Integrated LTE-WiFi Network Performance with SDN Based on Flow Scheduling

The new process for Optimal Radio Access Technology Selection Algorithm for LTE-WiFi Network

An inventive mechanism for Quantifying spectrum occupancy in an outdoor 5 GHz WiFi network with directional antennas

The novel mechanism for Experimental Evaluation of Information Dissemination Scheme Considering MNBS Load in Wireless Networks

An effectual method for Delay Tolerant Network model based on D2D communication

The new method for  smartphone based on disaster recovery network using WiFi tethering

An innovative mechanism for Recurrent Neural Network Schemes for WiFi Fingerprint-Based Indoor Positioning

An effective process for Cellular and WiFi Co-design intended in 5G User Equipment scheme

Creative mechanism for Data-Driven Approach to Client-Transparent Access Selection of Dual-Band WiFi

An inventive thing for effectual formulation based on Launching Low-Rate DoS Attacks with Cache-Enabled WiFi Offloading

The new process for Implementation of Low-power WSN for Smart Farm Applications

A fresh mechanism for Joint Deployment and Pricing of Next-Generation WiFi Networks

An innovative methodology for  Data-driven Evaluation of Utilization and Connectivity in WiFi Deployments

An inventive source for Monitoring, Classification, and Data Extrapolation based on Development and Testing of a Real-Time WiFi-Bluetooth System for Pedestrian Network

A new-fangled mechanism for D2D Communications Assisted Traffic Offloading into Integrated Cellular-WiFi Networks

The novel mechanism for WiFi Antenna Design and Modeling by Artificial Neural Networks

The new design function for Mobility Management Architecture in Different RATs Based Network Slicing

An innovative performance for Indoor Localization with WiFi Fingerprinting Using Convolutional Neural Network

A new process for Smart WiFi Access System Assisted by Zigbee (SmartWAZ) system

An effectual process for Multi RAT (WiFi/LTE/5G) Mobile Network Featuring RoF Fronthaul, 60 GHz Beam-Switching and Mobile IP


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1. Novel Ideas

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