Top 15+ Latest Projects on Deep Learning

One of the main subsets of Machine Learning is deep learning which tie-up with artificial intelligence (AI). The objective of deep learning is to replicate the actions of the human brain artificially.  For instance: learning and decision-making. The footprints of deep learning are largely identified in data science-based on predictive and statistical modelling. Since, it plays a key player role in data-centric systems utilizing collection, processing, interpretation, verification, validation, and assessment.  Overall, deep learning is more useful in processing large-scale datasets in a simple and fast way.

This page is exclusively about the innovative research challenges, topics, ideas, techniques, etc. for current Projects on Deep Learning!!!

Technically, the deep learning model is based on tree-structured artificial neural networks (ANN) to perform the functions of machine learning. Similar to the human brain, ANN also makes neuron nodes to interlink with each other. In the conventional method, the data is analyzed in a linear way which takes more time to process. In deep learning, the hierarchical structure makes the data be analyzed in a non-linear way. Here, we have given you the main classifications of deep learning algorithms.

Top 10 Interesting Projects on Deep Learning

Deep Learning Algorithms Classifications

  • Discriminative Prototype
    • Deep Stacking Networks
    • Conventional Neural Networks
  • Generative Prototype
    • Deep Boltzmann Machine
    • Deep Belief Networks
    • Deep Auto-encoders
  • Hybrid Prototype
    • Deep Neural Networks

On using deep learning approaches, one can implement various processes as regression, classification, and clustering. By using neural networks, one can cluster the unlabelled information based on common patterns. Similarly, one can classify the dataset into various categorized based on certain conditions. 

Our developers are adept to handle complex problems of deep learning through their smart creation of unique techniques. So, we are ready to support in required phase of research regardless of complexity. Below, we have given you a list of recent research issues in deep learning.

Research Challenges in Deep Learning

  • Require more processing power
  • Require suitable methods to handle local minima
  • Require at least fundamental skills in theoretical concepts
  • Require transparency over conclusion on using algorithms
  • Require advanced techniques to handle complex design in hyperparameters
  • Require easy approach to identify deep learning parameters and topology
  • Require technologies to manage large-data computational intractability
  • Require sufficient resources to achieve high storage, GPU performance, etc.
  • Require sophisticated infrastructure and tools to understand objects, data representation, and computation
  • Require appropriate solution to manage complicated issues and calculations
  • Require continuous control input information for deep learning algorithms

Our developers have handled countless projects on deep learning. So, we thoroughly know all the smart moves to make deep learning techniques more efficient. This deep learning algorithm is again classified as several deep learning approaches. And, some of them are listed below for your reference. In this, we also included the unique characteristics and main purpose of each technique. We assist you to choose the appropriate one based on your project requirements.

Important Deep Learning Techniques

  • CNN
    • Widely used in speech analysis, computer vision, and NLP
    • Well-suited for image detection
  • RvNN
    • Widely used in NLP systems
    • Utilizes hierarchical structure
  • RNN
    • Widely used in speech synthesis and NLP
    • Well-suited for sequential data
  • GAN
    • Well-suited for gaming theory models
    • Utilizes unsupervised learning
  • DBN
    • Well-suited for directed links
    • Utilizes unsupervised learning
  • VAE
    • Well-suited for graphics-based probabilistic models
    • Utilizes unsupervised learning
  • DBM
    • Well-suited for RBMs undirected links in hybrid models
    • Utilizes unsupervised learning

In addition, our developers have shared with you some important deep learning training models. Our developers have long-term practice in all these models to make your project unique from others. Beyond this list of models, we also support you in other deep learning models to fulfil your needs in all respects. In any case, if you need to know a suitable training model for your project implementation then approaches us.

Deep Learning Training Models

  • AlexNet
  • Inception ResNet-v2
  • ResNet-50
  • VGG-19
  • Inception – v3
  • VGG-16
  • GoogLeNet
  • ResNet-18
  • DenseNet-201
  • SqueezeNet
  • ResNet – 101

Furthermore, we also gave you the testing models of deep learning algorithms. Similar to training models, we give complete assistance in testing models. Our ultimate goal is to achieve to best satisfactory results in the time of experimental analysis.  Once you make a contact with us, we let you know the other current training and testing models in deep learning. We assure you that we make your model more appropriate to meet your research objectives.

Deep Learning Testing Models

  • Autoencoder
  • Deep Boltzman Machine (DBM)
  • Deep Belief Network (DBN)
  • Recurrent Neural Network (RNN)
  • Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)

Next, we can see the workflow of the deep learning model. If you are new to this field, make use of this chance to understand the key concepts of the deep learning model. Here, we have a step-by-step procedure of the deep learning model. We give thorough assistance in every step deep learning model range from data preprocessing to multiplatform code generation. Further, this procedure may vary based on your project needs. We are also skilful to implement deep learning models/methods in any sort of challenging issue to untie the knot of complexity.

Workflow of Deep Learning Model

  • Design network model or prepare data
    • Data Preprocessing and Retrieving
    • Tagging of ground truth
  • Train network model
    • Designing prototype
    • Setting of hyperparameters (optional)
    • Hyperparameters tuning
    • Altering model
    • Accelerating hardware
  • Model Deployment
    • Enterprise and Edge deployment
    • Code generation of multiple platforms (CPU and GPU)

Optimization Functions of Deep Learning 

In deep learning, optimization is the most significant concept to improve system performance. This neural network helps you to understand algorithms/techniques that give results in attaining deep learning. Here, we have given you major optimization functions for projects on deep learning. Beyond this, we also support you in other emerging optimization techniques to enhance your deep learning capabilities. In the case of complications, we uniquely design hybrid technologies to attain expected results.

  • AdaGrad
    • It follows the concept of adaptive learning
    • If there is a minor modification, then it allocates a high learning rate to parameters
    • If there is a major modification, then it allocates a low learning rate to parameters
  • Adam
    • It is expanded as Adaptive Moment Estimation
    • It is the combo of AdaGrad and momentum methods
    • It usually re-weight every entity at time step
  • Rprop
    • It is developed by Riedmiller and Braun as a unique approach
    • It uses the sign of gradients instead of completely utilizing gradient information
  • Gradient Methods
    • It is the baseline for accomplishing neural network optimization
    • And, these methods are at the limit of backpropagation

Next, we can see the interesting research areas of deep learning algorithms. All these areas have a wide range of current research ideas with an assurance of future scope. We support you in all aspects of these areas to give the fullest research service projects on deep learning. In the following areas, our research team has gained an uncountable number of research topics. When you make the bond with us, we share our repository of innovative ideas with you.

Research Areas in Deep Learning

  • Digital Signal Systems
  • Cyber Systems Security
  • Applied Robotics
  • Industrial Internet of Things
  • Wireless Communication
  • Computer Graphics and Vision
  • Physical and Virtual Agents
  • Mobile-Cloud
  • Fog-Edge Computing
  • Biomedical Image
  • Signal Processing
  • Image Processing and Analysis
  • Semantics and Natural Language Processing

For your information, here we have given a list of project ideas. All these ideas are gathered from recent research issues of deep learning. For that, we have referred to several current research magazines and articles to know the current research directions. In our review of the study, we analyze recent challenges, techniques used to overcome challenges, merits and demerits of techniques, aspects to improve the techniques, and other possible techniques, etc. So, our project ideas always stand out from others’ common ideas.

Innovative Research Topics in Deep Learning

  • Pattern Recognition using Learning Models
  • DL-based Quality Prediction using Semantic Models
  • Quality Learning-based Machine-to-Human Interactions
  • Deep Quality Models for Media Processing and Analysis
  • Real-time Quality Assessment using Subjective Technologies
  • Efficient Visualization Techniques for Deep Quality Features
  • New DL Models Development for Distributed Data Quality Assessment
  • Deep feature-based Media Segmenting, Retargeting, and Re-composition
  • Advance Quality-driven models for Shallow-feature-based Smart Systems
  • Multimodal-based Media Quality Enhancement using Mining Approaches
  • Small-Scale Deep Prototypes in Visual Quality Evaluation
  • Information-based Deep Quality Prototypes for Internet-scale Media Access
  • Development of Multi-view learning algorithms for Multimodal Media

For your add-on benefits, here we have given the latest demanding research areas with their significant research topics. Similarly, we also provide a list of innovative research ideas and research ideas on your requested areas for best projects on deep learning. These areas are assured to be futuristic areas which give long scope for future studies. Also, we are unique in proposing appropriate research solutions (techniques/algorithms/protocols) for your handpicked research problems.

What are the Project Topics under Deep Learning?

  • Satellite Imaging
    • Rural and Urban Development
    • Attitude Determination using Pushbroom
    • Green Agricultural Region Detection
    • Disaster Mitigation and Recovery Strategies
    • Streak Identification in High Resolution
    • Crop Syndrome Identification and Diagnosis
    • And many more
  • Biomedical Imaging
    • Registration of Parallel Inter-image
    • Surface Reconstruction in 3D Images
    • Multimodal-assisted Moving Target Analysis
    • Cancer-cell Interpretation and Segmentation
    • Anosmia Pattern Identification in COVID-19
    • Augmented and Virtual Reality for Visualization
    • And many more
  • Communication
    • Green Ubiquitous Computing
    • Instruments and Devices Control
    • Robust Computation Theories
    • Moving Target Tracking and Navigation
    • Wireless Routing and Security System
    • Modeling and Optimization of Process
    • And many more

Once the topic is selected then the next important phase is dataset selection for project implementation. Especially, the dataset is more important for projects on deep learning. Since, it is the data-centric process that merely depends on data collection, analysis, clarification, decision-making, and visualization. So, one should take extra attention to selecting a dataset because more than half the percentage of results are mainly dependent on the handpicked dataset. Here, we have selected “image processing” and “natural language are processing” as examples and itemized mostly commonly used data sets with their data type and supportive applications.

Research Projects on Deep Learning

Datasets often used by Deep Learning

  • Image Processing
    • Trecvid
      • Type – Videos
      • Applications
      • Moving Object Localization
      • Video Surfing
      • Event Identification
    • ImageNet
      • Type- Images
      • Applications
      • Object Identification and Localization
      • Image Classification
    • Microsoft COCO
      • Type – Images
      • Applications
      • Semantic Dissection
      • Object Identification
    • CIFAR10/100
      • Type – Images
      • Applications
      • Image Classification
    • YouTube-8M
      • Type – Videos
      • Applications
      • Video Classification
    • Pascal VOC
      • Type – Images
      • Applications
      • Semantic Dissection
      • Image Classification
      • Object Identification
    • YFCC100M
      • Type – Videos / Images
      • Applications
      • Image and Video Interpretation
    • MINIST
      • Type – Images
      • Applications
      • Handwritten Classification and Digit
    • Kinetics
      • Type – Video
      • Applications
      • Human Actions Recognition
    • UCF-101
      • Type – Videos
      • Applications
      • Human Behavior Identification
      • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
    • MTD
      • Type – Audio
      • Applications
      • Sentiment Analysis
    • SST
      • Type – Standard Sentiment Treebank movie reviews with labeled phrases
      • Applications
      • Basic Classification
      • Sentiment Analysis
    • WQ / IQA
      • Type – Web Questions and Interactive Question Answer
      • Applications
      • Question and Answer
    • WMT-14-EG / WMT-14-EF
      • Type – Workshop on statistical Machine Translation – English to German and English to French Translation Data
      • Applications
      • Translation
    • MSPR / WikiQA
      • Type – Questions and Sentence pair
      • Applications
      • Paraphrase Detection
      • Question and Answer

Likewise, we have collected 150+ datasets of different scenarios for projects on deep learning. We ensure you that we suggest only best-fitting datasets for your project depending on your application requirements. Further, we also guide in selecting development tools, technologies, and platforms. When the project is confirmed, we give you an implementation plan for your handpicked project which holds project development procedure, dataset, software, and hardware requirements.

Overall, we provide you finest support in both research and code development through suitable current technologies. Further, if you need more exciting research projects on deep learning then create a bond with us. We are here to serve you in your requested phase or your whole research journey to yield the best project result.


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