Research Paper Topics in Cloud Computing

In the domain of cloud computing, there are several research paper topics and plans progressing in current years. Cloud computing has emerged as a rapidly expanding domain within the technological realm, primarily attributed to its continuous advancements. Within this discourse, we have delved into several prominent research subjects pertaining to cloud computing, aiming to uncover the utmost benefits for scholars and cloud professionals alike. Among the focal points of research in this field are the creation of novel algorithms for resource distribution and the enhancement of cloud workflows. Our proficiency spans across various facets of cloud computing, and we encourage ongoing engagement with us for further exploration. We provide few advanced and beneficial research paper topics and plans relevant to cloud computing:

  1. Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing
  • Topic: Enhancing Data Privacy in Cloud Environments Using Homomorphic Encryption
  • Explanation: To facilitate computations on encrypted data without revealing the raw data to cloud suppliers, aim to investigate the implementation of homomorphic encryption approaches.
  • Topic: Intrusion Detection Systems for Cloud Environments Using Machine Learning
  • Explanation: Appropriate for cloud architecture, construct and assess machine learning-based intrusion detection systems to detect and reduce safety attacks.
  • Topic: Implementing Zero-Trust Security Models in Cloud Computing
  • Explanation: It is appreciable to explore the structure and application of zero-trust safety models that need continual authentication of each user and device in the cloud.
  1. Cloud Resource Management
  • Topic: AI-Driven Resource Allocation in Multi-Cloud Environments
  • Explanation: Specifically, for dynamic and effective resource allotment among numerous cloud service suppliers, construct artificial intelligence methods.
  • Topic: Energy-Efficient Resource Management in Cloud Data Centers
  • Explanation: To enhance energy utilization in cloud data centers by means of scheduling and dynamic resource allotment approaches, focus on suggesting suitable algorithms.
  • Topic: Predictive Analytics for Auto-Scaling in Cloud Computing
  • Explanation: In order to predict resource requirements and scale cloud sources to align with differing workloads in an automatic manner, aim to deploy predictive frameworks.
  1. Edge and Fog Computing
  • Topic: Integrating Edge and Cloud Computing for Real-Time IoT Applications
  • Explanation: To assist actual-time processing and analytics for Internet of Things (IoT) applications, explore the combination of edge and cloud computing.
  • Topic: Security Challenges and Solutions in Edge Computing
  • Explanation: The specific safety limitations produced by edge computing have to be examined and it is appreciable to suggest approaches to assure data integrity and privacy.
  • Topic: Latency Reduction Techniques in Fog Computing Architectures
  • Explanation: To reduce delay in fog computing infrastructures for time-sensitive applications, create and assess approaches.
  1. Serverless Computing
  • Topic: Performance Optimization in Serverless Computing Environments
  • Explanation: It is approachable to investigate the aspects impacting the effectiveness of serverless computing environments, and aim to suggest optimization policies.
  • Topic: Cost-Efficiency Analysis of Serverless Architectures
  • Explanation: By determining different workload trends, explore the cost-effectiveness of serverless infrastructures contrasted to conventional cloud computing frameworks.
  • Topic: Enhancing Security in Serverless Computing
  • Explanation: In serverless infrastructures, focus on examining safety risks, and suggest criterions in order to decrease these vulnerabilities.
  1. Cloud-Based Machine Learning and AI
  • Topic: Scalable Machine Learning Model Training in the Cloud
  • Explanation: Mainly, in cloud platforms, it is better to research valuable techniques for instructing extensive machine learning systems in an effective manner.
  • Topic: Federated Learning in Cloud Computing
  • Explanation: To facilitate collaborative framework training without distributing raw data, investigate the deployment of federated learning in cloud platforms.
  • Topic: AI-Powered Cloud Resource Management
  • Explanation: In order to improve cloud resource management, encompassing fault tolerance, load balancing, and auto-scaling, aim to construct AI methods.
  1. Blockchain and Cloud Computing
  • Topic: Blockchain-Based Access Control in Cloud Environments
  • Explanation: For safe and decentralized access control in cloud computing, suggest a blockchain-related model.
  • Topic: Enhancing Data Integrity in Cloud Storage Using Blockchain
  • Explanation: To assure data integrity and verifiability in cloud storage approaches, investigate the purpose of blockchain technology.
  • Topic: Decentralized Cloud Computing with Blockchain
  • Explanation: In order to facilitate decentralized cloud computing frameworks that offer higher protection and clarity, the efficiency of blockchain has to be researched.
  1. Cloud Networking
  • Topic: Software-Defined Networking (SDN) in Cloud Data Centers
  • Explanation: Specifically, to improve network effectiveness and management, research the implementation of SDN in cloud data centers.
  • Topic: Network Function Virtualization (NFV) for Cloud Services
  • Explanation: The purpose of NFV has to be examined to virtualize network operations and enhance the scalability and adaptability of cloud services.
  • Topic: AI-Driven Network Traffic Optimization in Cloud Environments
  • Explanation: In cloud computing platforms, it is appreciable to create AI frameworks to enhance network traffic routing and management.
  1. Cloud Storage and Data Management
  • Topic: Efficient Data Deduplication Techniques in Cloud Storage
  • Explanation: To minimize expenses and enhance storage usage, remove repetitive data in cloud storage models by exploring efficient approaches.
  • Topic: Multi-Cloud Data Management Strategies
  • Explanation: For handling and synchronizing data among numerous cloud service suppliers, aim to investigate policies.
  • Topic: Real-Time Big Data Analytics in Cloud Environments
  • Explanation: Through the utilization of cloud computing sources, construct models for actual-time processing and exploration of big data.

Instance Research Topic: Enhancing Data Privacy in Cloud Environments Using Homomorphic Encryption


  • In cloud platforms, investigate the implementation of homomorphic encryption approaches.
  • For different cloud-related implementations, assess the effectiveness and feasibility of homomorphic encryption.
  • Mainly, for enhancing the performance of homomorphic encryption in actual-world settings, suggest improvements.


  1. Literature Review:
  • An extensive analysis of previous homomorphic encryption approaches and their implementations in cloud computing has to be carried out in an effective way.
  • It is approachable to detect the major limitations and problems of recent techniques.
  1. Algorithm Development:
  • Appropriate for cloud platforms, create an enhanced homomorphic encryption method.
  • Focus on utilizing the method and combining it along with a cloud-related application.
  1. Performance Evaluation:
  • On the basis of scalability, computational overhead, and delay, carry out experimentations to assess the effectiveness of the suggested method.
  • To exhibit the merits and practicability of homomorphic encryption, contrast the outcomes with previous encryption techniques.
  1. Security Analysis:
  • In opposition to different attacks, assure data security and confidentiality by examining the safety features of the suggested method.

Tools & Technologies:

  • Programming Languages: C++, Python
  • Libraries and Frameworks: IBM HElib, Microsoft SEAL
  • Cloud Platforms: Google Cloud, AWS, Azure
  • Data Analysis Tools: Pandas, Jupyter Notebook

What are the hot research areas in security in cloud computing?

There are numerous research areas that exist in the field of cloud computing. But some are determined as efficient. By carrying out extensive exploration, we offer few of the recent effective and fascinating research areas in cloud computing safety:

  1. Data Privacy and Confidentiality
  • Homomorphic Encryption: To facilitate computations to be carried out on encrypted data without requiring decryption at the initial stage, aim to investigate homomorphic encryption. Typically, this contains the capability to assure the data confidentiality and secrecy even when data is being processed in the cloud.
  • Differential Privacy: The differential privacy approaches have to be applied in order to secure individual data points in datasets when permitting collective data exploration.
  1. Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Through the need of numerous ways of authentication for obtaining cloud services, improve safety.
  • Zero-Trust Security Models: Plan to create zero-trust frameworks which do not consider position and resource and need authentication for each access request.
  • Blockchain-Based Access Control: For decentralized and tamper-evident access control models, aim to make use of blockchain mechanisms.
  1. Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS)
  • AI and Machine Learning-Based IDPS: To identify abnormalities and possible safety attacks in actual-time within cloud platforms, it is appreciable to employ machine learning and AI methods.
  • Behavioral Analysis: Aim to utilize suitable frameworks that are capable of examining user activity trends to identify and avoid malevolent behaviours.
  1. Data Integrity and Availability
  • Blockchain for Data Integrity: To assure the monitorability and integrity of data conserved in the cloud, it is beneficial to make use of blockchain.
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Mitigation: For assuring high accessibility, secure cloud services against DDoS assaults by creating progressive approaches.
  1. Secure Multi-Tenancy
  • Tenant Isolation: In multi-tenant cloud platforms, assure robust segregation among tenants to avoid illicit access and leakage of data.
  • Virtualization Security: To secure in opposition to assaults and risks, focus on improving protection of virtual machines (VMs) and hypervisors.
  1. Secure Cloud Migration
  • Data Encryption During Migration: At the time of migration from on-premises to the cloud or among cloud suppliers, aim to make sure that the data is encrypted in a safer manner.
  • Secure Migration Strategies: For safely migrating data and applications to the cloud, construct efficient ways and tools.
  1. Cloud Storage Security
  • End-to-End Encryption: To secure data all through its lifecycle in the cloud, utilize end-to-end encryption.
  • Data Masking and Tokenization: In order to secure complicated data conserved in cloud databases, it is approachable to employ data masking and tokenization.
  1. Compliance and Regulatory Issues
  • Automated Compliance Monitoring: Mainly, for continual tracking and assuring adherence to regulatory principles such as CCPA, GDPR, and HIPAA, create models and tools.
  • Auditable Security Practices: To offer responsibility and clarity in cloud platforms, develop auditable safety technologies.
  1. Edge and Fog Computing Security
  • Security at the Edge: Focus on assuring that the protection of data and applications at the edge of the network, nearer to data users and resources.
  • Decentralized Security Models: For decentralized computing infrastructures in fog and edge computing, aim to construct safety models.
  1. Serverless Computing Security
  • Function Isolation: To avoid cross-function assaults, assure safe segregation among serverless operations.
  • Event Injection Attacks: By focusing on the event-based essence of serverless computing, secure serverless infrastructures against event injection and other types of assaults.

Instance Research Topics in Cloud Security

Topic: AI-Driven Intrusion Detection Systems for Cloud Environments


  • In cloud platforms, create and assess AI-related frameworks for actual-time intrusion identification.

Research Queries:

  • In what way can machine learning methods be efficiently implemented to identify abnormalities in cloud network congestion?
  • What are the effectiveness trade-offs among various AI frameworks on the basis of momentum, precision, and resource utilization?


  1. Literature Review:
  • Mainly, in cloud platforms, analyse previous intrusion detection systems and their implementation.
  1. Data Collection:
  • Encompassing usual and malevolent actions, collect network traffic data from cloud platforms.
  1. Model Development:
  • Through the utilization of the gathered data, construct and instruct machine learning frameworks such as clustering methods, neural networks, decision trees.
  1. Evaluation:
  • According to false positive rate, resource utilization, precision, and identification speed, assess the frameworks.
  1. Implementation:
  • In a simulated cloud platform, deploy the efficiently-performing framework to assess its actual-time effectiveness.

Tools & Technologies:

  • Programming Languages: R, Python
  • Machine Learning Frameworks: PyTorch, TensorFlow, Scikit-learn
  • Cloud Platforms: Google Cloud, AWS, Azure
  • Data Processing Tools: Apache Spark, Apache Kafka

Topic: Blockchain-Based Access Control for Cloud Services


  • For protecting cloud services, model and deploy a blockchain-related access control framework.

Research Queries:

  • In what way can blockchain technology be employed to construct a decentralized and tamper-evident access control framework?
  • What are the effectiveness impacts of combining blockchain with cloud services?


  1. Literature Review:
  • In terms of safety, analyse previous blockchain technology applications, and access control technologies.
  1. Design:
  • For decentralized validation and consent, formulate an access control model through the utilization of blockchain.
  1. Implementation:
  • On the blockchain environment such as Hyperledger, Ethereum, aim to construct the framework by means of employing smart contracts.
  1. Evaluation:
  • Specifically, for scalability, protection, and effectiveness, assess the framework.
  1. Comparison:
  • It is approachable to contrast the blockchain-related model with conventional access control technologies.

Tools & Technologies:

  • Blockchain Platforms: Hyperledger, Ethereum
  • Programming Languages: JavaScript, Solidity (for smart contracts), Python
  • Cloud Platforms: Google Cloud, AWS, Azure
  • Security Tools: Metasploit, OpenSSL
Research Paper Thesis Topics in Cloud Computing

Research Paper Ideas in Cloud Computing

The trending Research Paper Ideas in Cloud Computing are shared in this page read some of the topics that we have assisted for scholars. Get end to end support from our team we shall guide you in all possible ways. By our massive resources and huge technical background support you will get immediate response for all your doubts.

  1. Cloud security defence to protect cloud computing against HTTP-DoS and XML-DoS attacks
  2. The cloudy future of government IT: Cloud computing and the public sector around the world
  3. Interconnected cloud computing environments: Challenges, taxonomy, and survey
  4. A study on significance of adopting cloud computing paradigm in healthcare sector
  5. The role of cloud computing infrastructure elasticity in energy efficient management of datacenters
  6. A Novel Predictive Resource Allocation Framework for Cloud Computing
  7. Static Independent Task Scheduling on Virtualized Servers in Cloud Computing Environment
  8. International Center for Monitoring Cloud Computing Providers (ICMCCP) for Ensuring Trusted Clouds
  9. Comparative Analysis of Cloud Computing Based Face Recognition Services
  10. Performance study of some dynamic load balancing algorithms in cloud computing environment
  11. Improving Performance Using Hybrid Framework Iot Communication In Cloud Computing
  12. Current security and privacy issues, and concerns of Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud Computing: A review
  13. Cloud path selection using Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process for offloading in Mobile Cloud Computing
  14. Research on Cloud Computing Security Evaluation Model Based on Trust Management
  15. A scalable and efficient user authentication scheme for cloud computing environments
  16. Integrity Protection and Attestation of Security Critical Executions on Virtualized Platform in Cloud Computing Environment
  17. Experimental Comparison of Three Scheduling Algorithms for Energy Efficiency in Cloud Computing
  18. Bridging to the Cloud: Solution Design Trends Helping “Legacy” Systems Leverage Cloud Computing
  19. Research on Intelligent Scheduling Algorithm Based on Cloud Computing
  20. A Review on Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing using parallel Genetic Algorithm


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