Simulink is more appropriate for various processes like applying and testing signal processing models and theories because of having a wide range of libraries and effective visual approach. The following are a few interesting thesis plans which can be progressed and stated with the aid of Simulink in an efficient manner:

  1. Adaptive Noise Cancellation System:
  • An adaptive noise cancellation system has to be modeled and simulated which eliminates noise from various data sources like audio signals by employing methods such as Recursive Least Squares (RLS) or Least Mean Squares (LMS).
  • On the basis of computational effectiveness, preciseness, and speed, compare various adaptive filters.
  1. Wireless Communication System Simulator:
  • By including different factors such as multipath channel modeling, channel coding, and modulation, construct an extensive simulator, especially for a wireless interaction system.
  • Assess performance indicators like signal-to-noise ratio and bit error rate to examine various channel states and communication policies through the use of a simulator.
  1. Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for Audio Processing:
  • To manage several audio processing missions like reverb effects, dynamic range compression, and equalization, model a robust DSP system in Simulink platform.
  • Actual-time audio processing must be applied in this project. Under various kinds of audio data, assess the performance of the system.
  1. Real-Time Heart Rate Monitoring from ECG Signals:
  • Aim to create a Simulink framework which retrieves heart rate in actual-time by processing ECG signals. For defective or noisy data, it applies appropriate methods and filters.
  • In accordance with various kinds of noises like electrical noise or movement noise that are generally identified in ECG data, evaluate the strength of the system.
  1. Radar Signal Processing:
  • By encompassing target identification, speed calculation, and ranging, a radar signal processing chain has to be developed in the Simulink platform.
  • The use of innovative signal processing approaches must be investigated in this project. It could include inverse synthetic aperture radar (ISAR) or synthetic aperture radar (SAR).
  1. Machine Learning for Signal Processing:
  • To carry out various missions with signal data, such as predictive maintenance and anomaly identification, apply the methods of machine learning in Simulink.
  • As a means to train models, utilize machine learning libraries by combining Simulink with MATLAB. For actual-time processing, implement these models in Simulink efficiently.
  1. Automotive Sensor Fusion for Autonomous Driving:
  • In Simulink, this project intends to create a sensor fusion model which generates an interpretation of the vehicle’s platform in an extensive manner by integrating data from several sensors such as camera, lidar, and radar.
  • Assess and enhance the preciseness and credibility of the fusion method through simulating various driving contexts.
  1. Satellite Communication Link Analysis:
  • By incorporating the impacts relevant to ionospheric and atmospheric interruptions on the signal, an entire satellite interaction connection should be designed.
  • To improve the credibility of connection and data throughput in terms of different states, assess diverse coding and modulation approaches.

What is the use of MATLAB and Simulink in electrical and computer engineering ECE How do we use them in our projects?

In current research progressions, MATLAB and Simulink are employed in an extensive manner for various processes due to their broader libraries and functionalities. Based on the utilization of MATLAB and Simulink in ECE projects, we provide an explicit summarization to consider:


  1. Algorithm Creation:
  • Signal Processing: In various signals processing applications, MATLAB is specifically robust, such as in conducting spectral analysis, examining signal characteristics, and modeling and applying filters.
  • Image and Video Processing: For different image analysis-based missions such as edge identification, image optimization, and noise minimization, engineers employ MATLAB in a wider way.
  1. Data Analysis and Visualization:
  • Particularly for data analysis and visualization, enormous tools are offered by MATLAB. To depict conclusions from complicated datasets, carry out statistical analysis, and interpret patterns, these tools are considered as most significant.
  1. Numerical Computation:
  • In most of the ECE applications like optimization missions, numerical simulation, and tackling systems of equations, arrays and matrices are basics, and MATLAB is examined as excellent in the process of managing these basic problems.
  1. Control Systems:
  • Ranging from fundamental PID controllers to complicated multi-variable control frameworks, MATLAB is highly employed for different processes like modeling, examining, and simulating control systems.
  1. Machine Learning and AI:
  • Various machine learning processes are assisted by MATLAB, such as combination with previous systems, data preparation, creation of method, and validation. It also enables the progression of neural networks and predictive frameworks.


  1. System Simulation and Model-Based Design:
  • For the simulation of dynamic systems, Simulink offers a platform that is specifically employed in interaction systems, digital signal processing, and control design in a wider manner.
  • Before constructing the physical models, engineers utilize it for designing and simulating the actual-world systems’ activities in terms of different contexts.
  1. Hardware Explanation and Simulation:
  • To create and simulate methods, Simulink can be very helpful. Through automatic code generation, these methods can be applied on various hardware settings like microcontrollers and FPGAs.
  1. Embedded Systems Creation:
  • The embedded software which communicates with physical operations can be modeled and applied by engineers with the help of Simulink. To implement methods to hardware directly, employing automatic code generation.
  1. Automatic and Aerospace Applications:
  • In order to design and simulate aerospace and automatic systems such as power handling systems, flight controllers, and engine control units, Simulink is examined as more important.

Employing MATLAB and Simulink in ECE Projects

Procedural Flow of Utilization:

  1. Describe the Issue:
  • What problem or insight that you intend to tackle or model has to be described in an explicit manner. The necessities and range of your project could be decided through this phase.
  1. Model the System:
  • Initially, create a functional diagram of your system in Simulink. All the essential aspects and their links have to be encompassed in this framework.
  • By depicting the algorithmic or mathematical solution to your issue, draft functions or scripts in case of utilizing MATLAB.
  1. Simulate and Examine:
  • On the basis of different input contexts and states, examine system activities by executing simulations in Simulink.
  • For carrying out in-depth analysis of data that are gathered from actual-world sources or produced from simulations, employ MATLAB.
  1. Iterate and Enhance:
  • In terms of performance indicators and simulation outcomes, enhance your methods and frameworks and alter the arguments.
  • To detect optimal solutions on the basis of defined conditions, conduct optimization missions by utilizing MATLAB.
  1. Hardware Deployment (if required):
  • As a means to produce code for hardware placement, employ the functionalities of Simulink.
  • Contrary to the Simulink framework, verify the deployed system, especially to assure whether it functions related to anticipations.
  1. Documentation and Reporting:
  • For documenting the project and producing reports, Simulink and MATLAB offer efficient tools. Specifically for career-based engineering missions and academic projects, documentation is more essential.
Simulink Signal Processing Thesis Topics


We provide assistance to scholars who have a keen interest in conducting research on SIMULINK Signal Processing by offering unique Thesis Topics & Ideas. We are currently exploring various innovative topics in this field. If you aspire to achieve success, join us on this journey and we will support you in achieving excellent grades.

  1. Application of adaptive complementary ensemble local mean decomposition in underwater acoustic signal processing
  2. Model-based signal processing enables bidirectional inferring between local field potential and spikes evoked by noxious stimulation
  3. A signal processing perspective to community detection in dynamic networks
  4. Speech signal processing on graphs: The graph frequency analysis and an improved graph Wiener filtering method
  5. Particle swarm optimization based novel adaptive step-size FxLMS algorithm with reference signal smoothing processor for feedforward active noise control systems
  6. Self-powered molecule release systems activated with chemical signals processed through reconfigurable Implication or Inhibition Boolean logic gates
  7. Quantifying swimming activities using accelerometer signal processing and machine learning: A pilot study
  8. A mixed-signal processor for X-ray spectrometry and tracking in the GAPS experiment
  9. Sleep and cardiac signal processing using improved multivariate partial compensated transfer entropy based on non-uniform embedding
  10. Bearing remaining useful life prediction under starved lubricating condition using time domain acoustic emission signal processing
  11. Convolution Neural Network Recognition of Epileptic Foci Based on Composite Signal Processing of Electroencephalograph Data
  12. A compact realization of Feynman Reversible and NOR logic gate using Plasmonic waveguide based MZI for all-optical signal processing
  13. Modified maximum likelihood space registration method for shipborne multi-radar signal processing
  14. Corrosion monitoring in steel bars using Laser ultrasonic guided waves and advanced signal processing
  15. A comparison of signal processing techniques for impedance-based damage characterization in carbon fibers under noisy inspections
  16. Olfactory stimulation Inhibits Nociceptive Signal Processing at the Input Stage of the Central Trigeminal System
  17. Conceptualizing psychosis as an information processing disorder: Signal, bandwidth, noise, and bias
  18. Automated technique for EEG signal processing to detect seizure with optimized Variable Gaussian Filter and Fuzzy RBFELM classifier
  19. Generalized covariance for non-Gaussian signal processing and GC-MUSIC under Alpha-stable distributed noise
  20. Research on the application of CORDIC algorithm in the field of space-borne on-board signal processing


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