Speech Emotion Recognition Using Machine Learning Project

Our work aims to classify and identify the Speech Emotion Recognition (SER) in spoken language. Our writers provide a clear structure of your research proposal for your speech emotion recognition project where the outline of the paper, along the problem identified with given solution will be prescribed. Our professional team are filled with the necessary resources that are required to finish the machine learning project successfully. Latest topics ideas will also be shared as per trend. We will have the ability of lot of applications like improving customer service communications, helps in mental health assessments, and enhancing human-computer communications. Here we have given a step-by-step guidance on constructing SER framework by utilizing machine learning:

  1. Objective Definition

            State the main aim: “To improve an emotion in spoken language which classify and identifies the model”.

  1. 2. Data Collection

Public Datasets: Our work has numerous datasets present in it, namely RAVDESS (Ryerson Audio- Visual Database of Emotional Speech and Song) and EmoReact.

Custom Data Collection: We record spoken data and mark it with the appropriate motion. Make sure the different speakers, surroundings and emotional factors.

  1. Data Preprocessing

Segmentation: In our work we split the large recordings into smaller, manageable chunks (e.g., by sentences or static time durations).

Feature Extraction: We retrieve the features that seizure the speech emotions. Some of the general characters we include are Mel-frequency cepstral coefficients (MFCCs), pitch, energy, spectral roll-off, and chroma characters.

Standardization: We normalize the features to have zero mean and unit variance.

  1. Model Selection and Development

Traditional ML models: Our work utilizes the methods that are effective for this task namely SVM, Decision Trees, Random Forests, and Gradient Boosting Machines.

Deep Learning Models: In our work we utilize some DL methods like Convolutional Neural Network (CNNs) and Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs), especially LSTM. We also utilize the grouping of CNNs and RNNs.

  1. Training the Model

Our work divides the dataset into three sets namely training, validation and testing sets.

In our work we utilize the training set to train the model and the validation set to validate achievements.

  1. Model Evaluation

To calculate the model’s achievement, our work utilizes the test set.

To evaluate the performance among various emotions; we consider the metrics like accuracy, F1-score, precision, recall and a confusion matrix.

  1. Optimization & Hyperparameter Tuning

For identifying the better hyperparameters, our work utilizes the methods like grid search or random search.

To avoid overfitting our work considers dropouts or regularization in deep learning models.

  1. Deployment

In our work we execute the SER model into preferred applications (e.g., call centers, virtual assistants). 

Our work offers an API or interface where the audio data will fed and emotion forecasting received.

  1. Feedback Loop

We frequently collect feedback to recognize where the model make errors.

To seizure the emerging patterns of speech and emotions we retrain the model with some new data.

  1. Conclusions & Future Enhancements

At last, we summarize the achievements, limitations and the knowledge we gained during our project.  

Future enhancements that involve:

Multilingual emotion recognition.

Adjusting various speech contexts (e.g., Casual coversarsation, vs formal speech.

Real-time emotion detection


Data Augmentation: To make a more different datasets we augment audio data by presenting noise, changing pitch, or time- stretching.

Context matters: Based on the text, the similar words can express various emotions. To make sure that our work seizures the variation in our model.

Emotion Granularity: Choose the granularity of emotions that we want to identify (e.g., Just “happy” vs. “happy” and “elated”).

Our work offers valuable insights into human emotions and to improve many human-centered applications. Proper execution and constant enhancement are key to successful SER system.

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Speech Emotion Recognition using Machine Learning Topics

Speech Emotion Recognition Using Machine Learning Thesis Topics

Once you share your thesis interest with us, we will guide you with a detailed information and outline of our work. Within the prescribed time we complete the thesis work if you want any work to be improved our thesis editors will do the necessary modifications. The number of words to be used, timeline, formatting layout everything will come in correct order.

  1. Speech emotion recognition for psychotherapy: an analysis of traditional machine learning and deep learning techniques


speech, emotion recognition, Machine Learning, MFCCs, deep learning, Boosting, CNN, LSTM

            Our paper compares the application of traditional ML and DL methods were directed using spectral characters like Mel-frequency cepstral coefficients on merged dataset of multiple audio file resources like REVDESS, TESS AND SAVEE. Our paper uses Random Forest classifier for predict the total accuracy. DL methods like LSTM and CNN are also compared with traditional ML methods. 

  1. Machine Learning based Speech Emotion Recognition in Hindi Audio


Support Vector Classifier, Random Forest, Logistic Regression, Spectral Features, Semantic Features, Hindi Audio

            The speech emotion recognition system is the aim of our paper to emotion from Hindi audio.  So we extract audio as well as text based character from input audio speech to detect emotions. ML methods like Random Forest, Logistic Regression used to both audio and text datasets separately. This combined outcome can be utilized to find four emotions namely neutral, angry, sad and happy.

  1. EmoMatchSpanishDB: study of speech emotion recognition machine learning models in a new Spanish elicited database


Affective analysis, EmoMatchSpanishDB, Language resources     

            Our paper offers a new speech emotion dataset on Spanish.  We include crowd sourced perception technique. To remove noisy data and sample emotions crowd sourcing can be helped. We present two datasets EmoSpanishDB and EmoMatchSpanishDB. First the audios are recorded during crowdsourcing process. At second EmoSpanishDB only audios whose audio match with original. At last, the different state of the art ML methods in terms accuracy, precision and recall for both datasets.

  1. Speech Emotion Recognition in Machine Learning to Improve Accuracy using Novel Support Vector Machine and Compared with Random Forest Algorithm


Novel SVM algorithm, Speech Emotion, .wav audio, Feature Extraction, Supervised Learning

            To examine human behaviour and predict human emotion by utilizing ML method of SVM and RF methods. There are two groups in our work the first is using SVM method and the second is using RF method. Thr SVM performs better than RF.

  1. Recognizing Speech Emotions in Iraqi Dialect Using Machine Learning Techniques


Speech emotions, Iraqi Dialect         

            Our paper uses ANN based speech emotion recognition (SER) is suggested to detect three emotions for speakers speaking in Iraqi dialect, employing Mel-frequency cepstral coefficients (MFCC) as essential characters. There are no benchmark datasets for Iraqi SER and the speech of some Iraqi people of both genders is recorded.

  1. The Emotion Probe: On the Universality of Cross-Linguistic and Cross-Gender Speech Emotion Recognition via Machine Learning


Artificial intelligence; English; cross-linguistic; cross-gender; SVM; SER

            Our paper discovers the feature of cross-linguistic, cross-gender SER and three ML classifiers were used (SVM, Naïve Bayes and MLP) and get steps based on Kononenko’s discretization and correlation-based feature selection. We used five emotions namely disgust, fear, happiness, anger and sadness. Thr MLP shows the better outcome. RASTA, F0, MFCC and spectral energy are the four feature domains most effective and the method based on standard sets.  

  1. Machine Learning Applied to Speech Emotion Analysis for Depression Recognition


Support Vector Machine, Depression

            Our paper helps clinical management during therapy as well as early detection of depression. To detect different emotion a new computational method can be used. The two data set for audio can be used namely DAIC-WOZ and RAVDESS dataset for depression related data. Finally LSTM performance is compared with SVM.

  1. IoT-Enabled WBAN and Machine Learning for Speech Emotion Recognition in Patients


IoT WBAN; edge AI; speech emotion; CNN; BiLSTM; standard scaler; min–max scaler; robust scaler; data augmentation; spectrograms; regularization techniques; MFCC; Mel spectrogram

             IoT-based wireless body area network (WBAN) is used for healthcare management.Our paper uses a hybrid DL method ie. CNN and bidirectional LSTM and a regularized CNN model. We combine this with various optimization techniques and regularization method to improve prediction accuracy, reduce error and computational complexity. The metrics to evaluate are prediction accuracy, precision, recall, F1 score and confusion matrix. 

  1. Emotion Recognition in Arabic Speech From Saudi Dialect Corpus Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms


Arabic speech, Saudi dialect, KNN

            Our paper examines the emotion recognition system in Arabic and the database was taken from YouTube channel. Four emotions such as happiness, sad and neutral. we extract features from audio signals such as Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficient (MFCC) and Zero-Crossing Rate (ZCR), and also we used SVM, KNN and DL methods as CNN and LSTM.

  1. Automatic Speech Emotion Recognition Using Machine Learning: Mental Health Use Case


Mental health, tele-mental health, speech analysis, automatic emotion recognition

            In this paper we can automatic-speech-emotion-recognition for mental health purposes. Our paper uses five machine learning methods to classify emotions and calculate their performance by concentrate human emotion by benchmark datasets such as TESS, EMO-DB, and RAVDESS established better performance.


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