Body area networks or wireless body area networks as it is known popularly are the group of actuators and sensors which are connected to different parts of the human body. Body area network projects are gaining more significance than before due to their demand in improving the health sector, especially inpatient monitoring purposes.  These are actually connected among different nodes in order to provide information regarding the human body.

  • The sensors are usually present on or under the skin, attached to clothes or implanted etc
  • And the standard wireless communication system is established among the nodes in order to ensure proper communication

We are in the field of body area network projects research guidance for more than 20 years which has led us to top the list of the most reliable online research guidance in the field. Here is a complete overview of body area networks which will be very much useful for your research needs. Let us first start by talking about the different components of body area networks.


The body area network system works efficiently with the help of different components which aid its functioning. The components necessary for implementing the best body area network system have to fulfill the following objectives.

  • Ability to recognise the individual’s location along with the proper system to transmit communication about it
  • Sensors for monitoring sign
  • A proper mechanism for transmission of the observed readings to doctors.

These are the objectives that have to be kept in mind before designing any component of a body area network system. Usually body area network consists of the following parts which are to be designed with utmost care. This is because these are the components that are going to give crucial details about the patient’s body. So no compromise can be accepted in their design.

  • Battery
  • Sensors
  • Transceiver
  • Processors

There are many sensors that are under development and need in-depth research and analysis for their design. Our research experts have been guiding body area network projects regarding the development of these sensors. Such sensors that are being developed include the following

  • ECG and EEG sensors
  • PDA
  • BP
  • SpO2

Hence to give you an overall picture of the different components necessary for the better functioning of body area network systems for monitoring the human body we summarize them in the following. 

  • Different varieties of detectors (for monitoring and Motion detection purposes)
  • Various sensors specific to certain physiological signals
  • Accelerometers

New technologies can be used along with these components so that their effectiveness can be increased many times. Our technical team is working on this objective. Researchers who approach us also had such thoughts of enhancing the existing systems by using novel technologies and so this allowed us to expand our horizon. 

Connect with us so as to understand the techniques and methods that we use to produce better results. We have also been guiding in the execution of the projects for real-time applications too. During such situations, we faced some of the research challenges which we are about to share with you in the next section.

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There are many challenges that will come your way during your research in body area networks design and implementation. These challenges arise when we try to implement new ideas while at the same time are determined to maintain the quality of service provisions.

  • Ensuring privacy and security of information
  • Automatic and authentic system for validation of sensors
  • Interoperability issues
  • Unhindered transmission of data and connectivity
  • High amount of energy consumed by sensors
  • Prediction of motion that is monitoring patients even under dynamic conditions
  • Reduced consistency and quality of data due to defect in readings given by sensors which are at times fragmented
  • Complexity in designing lead to Complex architecture of body area network system
  • Reduction in efficiency due to interference factors caused by sensors and other nodes in the system
  • Ensuring a feeling of security among patients is really difficult using these body area networks as people fear they are unsafe with this device

Overcoming these challenges is not as difficult as you might think. We have huge experience in solving the issues related to body area network research. The current trend mandates high investment and deep research into the field.

Our engineers are getting along with researchers from across the world and have already developed enough methods as solutions to many existing research problems. According to our experts, there are a lot of the latest technologies that are available today which can be used to solve research issues in the body area network. Now let us look into different research domains in the body area network.


In order to come out as a successful researcher, you should be purely aware of different domains in the field of body area networks as listed below.

  • Nanonetworks (under intrabody)
  • Internet of things applications
  • WBAN applications of WSN
  • Cellular BAN (Hybrid)
  • WBAN defined by software
  • Mobile edge or fog computing in WBAN
  • WBAN Cloud computing applications
  • Cognitive radio in WBAN

We are providing research support for all these topics and we reached the highest levels of expertise in developing novel applications and methods. We won the trust of many students and scholars from world-class universities. We assist you with a range of services from choosing your topic to submitting your research paper. You can get any kind of assistance regarding your research from us. Now let us have some insight into body area network project ideas.


The project ideas in WBAN are around the objectives for which it is actually designed. The research scholars from different parts of the world wanted to make much more empowerment to the system. The following are the recent project ideas in the body area network.

  • Communication and classification
    • Classification of data (emergency, on-demand and normal)
    • Communication (3G, GPRS, 4G LTE and 5G)
  • Analysis and collection of data
    • Deleting fault data
    • Gathering information on sensor
  • Generation of report and cloud storage
    • Giving report to destination (end users)
    • Destination includes server for medical emergency, ambulance etc

You can approach our experts for some more insight on these topics. We have been designing customized medical devices like sensors for administering into practical use for the patients.

So our engineers have gained both theoretical and practical experience which is very much needed for any researcher. Get connected with us to get the highly confidential research guidance provided by experts. Now let us have some idea on the different fields of research that demand wireless body area network projects to be designed and implemented on large scale.


Since the diseases and abnormalities are growing at a faster pace we need to have a robust mechanism for the identification and treatment of these complications. In such a scenario we have come up with a list of medical complications including the diseases for which research in wireless body area network projects have to be encouraged.

  • Diagnosing MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome)
  • Avian or bird influenza (detection)
  • COVID – 19 Diagnosis
  • Ebola viral disease or Ebola hemorrhagic fever diagnosis
  • Swine flu or H1N1 Influenza virus detection
  • Diagnosis of chikungunya virus

There are treatments available for the above list of diseases but still, it is the matter of accuracy and swiftness with which the complications are detected and treated that play a crucial role.

In order to create a perfect mechanism for monitoring patients at times of these diseases, we need to do in-depth research in wireless body area network devices. Only such research can boost creativity which can rectify some of the problems associated with the patients undergoing treatments for those diseases. Now let us have some idea of the metrics used for analysing the performance of the body area network system.


In general terms, the analysis of the performance of BAN projects can be made by considering the common parameters like accuracy, robustness, etc. Technically the performance analysis has to be done using certain protocols and functions. These protocols vary with applications. The following are the WBAN -MAC protocols for healthcare applications.

  • TDMA

These protocols are based on the following.

  • Based on IEEE 802.15.4
  • Proposed for integration in IEEE 802.15.6
  • On the basis of IEEE 802.15.6

We will also now provide you with some of the specific characteristic features which can be used to analyze the performance of body area network systems. You should understand that these features are used very commonly in order to measure performance.

Parameters and performance improvement along with techniques used in body area network projects performance analysis is given below.

  • Packet Forwarding Protocol by Low Energy Consumption
    • Parameter – energy per bit
    • Improvement of performance
      • 10% reduction (power control)
      • 7% reduction (ARR)
    • Dedicated relay usage
      • Parameter – Consumption of energy (sensors nodes)
      • Performance is reduced by 20
    • Transmit power adaptation
      • Parameter – energy per bit
      • Performance on control of power decreases in energy per bit
    • Opportunistic routing
      • Parameter – lifetime of network
        • Performance is enhanced considerably
      • Parameter – energy per bit
        • Performance is reduced by 25% less than multi-hop routing
      • Parameter – BER
        • Performance is slightly improved
      • Dijkstra’s routing algorithm
        • Parameter – energy per bit
          • Performance is increased
        • Parameter – lifetime of network
          • Performance is enhanced by 40%

A project that we proposed has shown very excellent results when it comes to analyzing the performance. You can now approach us to know the methods protocols and algorithms that we used to design our system and the parameters with which we evaluated the performance of it. Now let us have some idea on the simulation setup used for wireless body area network projects.


It is by the process of simulation that we understand the performance of the project that we designed. In WBAN system projects we have got the following simulation techniques that are used commonly by researchers to analyze the performance of their projects by simulation.

  • Human model
  • Frequency
  • Node – locations (both on body and off body)
  • Walking model
  • Separation of antenna
  • Antenna
  • Sampling rate
  • Walking speed

Our technical experts will give you tips regarding simulation techniques and from then on to execution. You can quite confidently rely on our research support facility. We have got specialized teams of experts for each and every research-related activity like creating algorithms, software, system design, writing a thesis, conducting surveys, etc. Now let us talk about some of the efficient protocols in WBAN


As a wireless body area network is a system that is going to be part of the patients it has to be user-friendly and it should not cause any harm to us. Keeping that in mind we can directly go for using protocols that are common to our daily usage. We have briefed two of the most efficient protocols for body area networks below.

  • ZigBee protocol
    • Less power is consumed
    • Operating frequency – 868 MHz, 915 MHz, 2.4 GHz
    • Suitable for applications like sports, healthcare and other personal applications
    • Proximity of about 50 to 70 metres is entertained
  • Bluetooth
    • Reduced power
    • Reduced consumption of power
    • Operating frequency – 2.4 GHz ISM band
    • 1 MHz channels
    • Rate of data transfer – 1600 hops/sec
    • Range of covering – 1 to 100 metres
    • Range of transmission – 1 mW to 100 mW (3 Mbps data rate)

Using these protocols for designing WBAN projects can be equally beneficial to both patients and doctors since they are easy to handle and implement. Even the faults that occur in the systems can be rectified readily.

There are other technologies that are under consideration to be used for body area network systems. You can direct your research towards developing such a mechanism or you can come up with your own novel methods. Here we want you to remember that we will always stay by your side supporting your entire research. Now let us see the characteristics of different layers in the stack of protocols.


There are different layers present in wireless body area network systems which have the following characteristics. 

  • Physical layer
    • Technology of spreading spectrum
    • Bit rate
    • Physical channels
    • Nominal power of transmission
    • Sensitivity of receiver
    • Types of modulation
    • Band of frequency
    • Channel bandwidth
  • Network layer
    • Types of devices
    • Network topology
    • Technology of networking
    • Single and multi – hop
    • Nodes and active slaves
  • Link layer
    • Latency or delay
    • Identifiers
    • Increased Packet size
    • CRC length
    • Schemes for multiple access
    • Efficiency of protocols
    • Methods to control errors

You can reach out to our technical experts regarding any queries in these layers and their features. We have made our research guidance easier to approach by devoting a team of experts to be a part of the 24 hours customer service support. Now let us have some idea on major performance metrics used in body area network projects.


The following are the common metrics used for the performance checking of the WBAN projects. The system that you design should qualify at the maximum possible level on the basis given below.

  • Lifetime of network
  • Line of sight
  • Packet sequencing (moving posture based)
  • Residual energy
  • Throughout sum
  • Non – line of sight
  • Sharing load
  • Consumption of energy

Global practices on medical applications are changing every day with the adoption of novel methods and technologies like wireless body area networks into it. Owing to this development, researchers are seeking expert guidance online for their body area network projects. We are one of the best research guidance providers in the world. Get in touch with us to make a successful research career.


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